Women’s Beach Volleyball Round of 16 – Spain v Italy | London 2012 Olympics

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Jon Tan says:

anybody knows the song at 2.44?

Draganus says:

Beautiful girls, with incredible bodies, but does anyone else ever notice
how certain body types seem to be specific to a particular sport? Most
female body builders have similar body shapes….

Stig Lauren says:

Lots of wrist injuries in women’s beach volleyball, most of them for male

NarutoIs4Life says:

we all know that sound at 0:40 ;)

Chris Pinnacles says:

We all know why were here…

Jacob Cookson says:

how did i get here…..

ccc hhh says:



Latin beautifull 🙂

20cramosful says:

They r not even tht good to be in Olympics no hate

Ashleigh Saenz says:

Number 1 in Italy is sweating and has sand in her armpits…

Nave Hsoled says:

Or maybe he does not have much tolerance built up, must be new to this then.

Diego Núñez says:


Moritz Badillo says:

5:34 the song?? which is the track??

thewhitefang007 says:

WHATS THAT CHIME AT 28:15 ??????

TheElakiri123 says:

Mannag katti

Magnus Egger says:

beachcenter dot se we are on our way 😉

TheSvituz says:

ahahah! Genius!

Alex K. says:

Menegatti is a goddess.

Pepa K says:

28:39 You shall not pass!!! :DD

Jessica Smith says:

Innkpno Jon



PamelaDare says:

10 mins, huh? You must have the wrist of a champion. lol

Andrea Baiza says:

I play volleyball

lupash says:

Hi, I’m here just for the chicks.

Tomáš Gola says:

😀 … Attractive shape of body originates in hard work … 😀

lordwirt338244 says:

love this sport!

jason tran says:

it is doubled

calvin pok says:

The best sport in the world 🙂

Andrew Feynman says:

I finished this in 10 min.

MrSimi35 says:

like the music in the beginning 😀 tomorrowland

halotango3 says:


nathalie inirio says:

Vollyball is life.

Andrei Cerber says:


Erick Dacosta says:

@40:15…good god!!!

Jernet79No says:

<3 Marta Menegatti <3 She just jumped out of my dreams and into my tv
screen last summer :-O

WhY_NoT says:

don’t know why……… 😀

nyimtman says:

Yup, plus they can cook.

Nicola Alvaro says:

Italy 3

San Tos says:

wonderful,that the perfect game,I like it

docfcybo says:

Yes, so true! Bye from Italy! Fabio

Somo Pailin Oeshidez says:

damn they are hot!

d7m9k5L9 says:

bua ha haaaaa!!!i also love it!

Nohjjohnthegreat says:

The central Europeans will be good at Beach Volleyball.

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