32 Replies to “Tutorial: The Best Equipment for Skype Video Calls”

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  2. Help me when I made a video with my friend I hear him but when I post it in
    YouTube it cuts his audio someone help me pls

  3. Both of your microphones have a LOT of background noise. Also the one on
    the headset sounds terrible. I agree only on the camera pick so far.

  4. hi ,, I has a problem with Skype from 3 years ,, the video call is very bad
    ,, and I can’t see anybody clear in Skype ,, my internet is good ,, ( PING
    = 34 ms ,,,, download = 1 mega byte ,,,,, upload = 2 mega byte … my
    laptop ram is 4 mega byte ,, ,,I hope you will help me

  5. the cn-160 and a diffuser (or if additional diffusion is needed, tape a
    little wax paper on) it. You can also power by cutting some wood to AA
    battery size, then placing one on either side of the battery compartment,
    then run some wires from 9 to 10v adapter, and enjoy all day usage :). The
    noise with his logitech mic was from a bad cable. The mic has a thin cable
    and if you frequently adjust the microphone within about 2-3 months, the
    mic will become quite noisy.

  6. You can get a LED light 10x better and 1000x prettier than that on ebay.
    “YN-160” = 37$ “YN-300” = ~80$ YN-300 beats your light by a galaxy, that’s
    studio lighting for 80$, you can throw yours in the trash. And is portable
    too, and you can throw on as many big a s s batteries you want to that.
    YN-300 has a remote and you can output the right amount of light your want.
    Your rig is fugly, there are better mounts out there, search “Boom
    Suspension Scissor” on ebay and get one for as less as 9$.

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