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  1. I want to offer my perspective on this I’m not a Twilight fan but I find
    this argument ridiculous,Twilight is nothing more than a lame teenybopper
    movie and I don’t see it being anything else and I feel that there are much
    more important things in the world to worry about the influence of some
    popular film that people will forget about in a few year. What concerns me
    is the amount of leverage and influence that you think this has, people are
    smart enough to know that this is just a movie and aren’t as superficial as
    this argument makes them out to be. All this is laughable and is
    counterproductive to your missionary work. Even if the devil really was
    putting hidden massages in there it would have no power over anyone who
    thinks it’s just a movie. What this will show to some people is that you
    take something as benign as Twilight so seriously that it shows your not a
    person to be taken seriously by people who see it as just a movie. This
    diminishes your credibility of you spreading the Word of God by those
    people because “well if he’s not smart enough to think that this is
    anything other than a movie he’s not going to offer me anything of
    spiritual value.” 

  2. I just watched the last twilight movie and found something fishy about all
    twilight movies throughout these years. I did believe that twilight had
    something with this stuff b4 but never made big deal out of it and I know
    alot of occultism, satan worship, freemasons, salomons temple etc. so it
    wasnt hard for me to understand. Thank god i came across dis video which
    proved kinda much.. startin to regret badly abt reading the first book of
    the series 🙁

  3. Stephanie Meyer is Tara Gillespie. Duh. (My Immortal author, did a aneurysm
    (I’m quite certain I spelled that wrong. Too busy to look up correct
    spelling) inducing HP fic. It’s arguably woese, since Meyer was trolling us
    with her literary…um, *cannot think of a word other than abomination*)
    Didn’t I already watch this? *noms on her cinnamon bun*

  4. Harry potter, Twillight and other stuff in this style are evil when it come
    to occult and witchcraft don’t even dare to buy the books or see the films,
    those are made to curse people who do so.

  5. Satan is real and he wants our souls please repent and give your lives to
    Jesus Christ!

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