The Bro Code – Article 15-34

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Breezy Bree says:

Nice x) these are funny!

josealexiscon22 says:

how cool is it that NPH is actually narrating

MrMachinimator says:

were can buy this book? lol This is..wait for it……AWESOME!

mason martinez says:

Whore! This is not your video! What is the point if reposting a video if
you can’t even get 2,000 views because they know it’s a repost?

r3d357 says:

Love it

Capesports4 says:

Appended for European Bro’s: Be able to recite UEFA Champions League
winner, Heineken Cup winner, Amsterdam Hooker of the Year and I’m calling
bullshit on Article 19.

akser360 says:

search “bro code pdf”. True story.

MultiGameboy100 says:

thank you for taking your time. 🙂

Branden fahkingbrown says:

where is that PDF file with the whole bro code on it lmao

tigerlax25 says:

This is awsome

TheArrowOfDestiny says:

you know Amsterdam is in Netherland iim from Netherland….. and love the
hookers! true story

anonymousloner says:

i need to hear this chick code lol but it’s good that he’s given me
permission to hear the bro code though because “women can be excellent
bros” this is awesome so far lol

makavelilivz says:

I don’t think there even is a pdf file

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