The Born Friends Family Portrait — a unique friendship brought together by Skype

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Rachel Poteet says:

I met my bestest friend, Michael, this past June and we met online. And we
became really close and this video reminds me a lot about us. I just really
hope we get to meet one day πŸ™‚

Laura Stardust says:

Their like me and my best friend! We met on a computer game and became
friends within about a day and then we would talk every Friday for a year
and a half and one day we were talking and I asked her if she wanted to
skype and ever sense then we have video-chatted every once in awhile but we
talk every single day and we’re almost like the same exact person seriously
and I just don’t ever know what I would ever do without her I love her to
death and I thank you skype for helping us to be best friends and to be
able to communicate so much, we want SO badly to meet in person but we live
in different states and I just wish we could so much. But thank you for
making our friendship happen πŸ™‚

Kristi Persinger says:

I met my best friend in the whole world and the most wonderful boyfriend I
could ask for on the internet last July. After talking to him for seven
months, I finally flew out to meet him, and we started dating in March.
We’ve been together for eight months now, and still going strong! If it
wasn’t for social media like Skype, I don’t know how this would have ever
happened. Thank God for the internet!

S. Simpson says:

This video made me tear up with joy for the girls. Then it was ruined by
the Skype logo at the end. The girls deserved the closing shot in the ad.
If Skype HAS to stick their logo in somewhere, do it discretely, or put a
short disclaimer on the bottom of the screen.

MsRider1996 says:

This is just like me and my bestie! While I am not disabled, she is, and we
talked online through email and instant messaging for 3 or 4 years before
meeting in person. In just a few hours of REALLY being together, we’ve
become closer than sisters!
I could not imagine my life without her! Every day, she makes me laugh,
makes my life brighter, happier, and I thank God for having her in my life.
I love you, Sam! *hugs*


rockerseven says:

ok, first off, the video is wonderful. secondly, shame on skype for turning
this into a cheap marketting gimmick.
i saw this posted on another site and watched till the end, and was really
moved…until i saw skype’s blatant advertisement at the end, and it just
killed the moment.
the girls subtly mentioned skype in the video, isn’t that enough without
having to put a giant logo at the end of the video? since the last image of
the video is the skype logo, the message that i just got was that the 3
minutes of moving story about two best friends wasn’t the real point of the
video, it was the 5 seconds of a skype logo that followed.

Agus Iskandar says:

Continuing its campaign, “Skype’s Family Portrait”, Skype gave us the
fourth in the series. Meet two girls, Sarah from the United States, and
Paige from New Zealand. Both are actually looks like your typical teenage
girl until you noticed that both of them share a unique bond with each
other. Both of them were born without a full left arm.

They initially corresponded thanks to their mothers and since they were
eight years old, they’ve began to Skype and have been best friends ever
since. But they had never the chance to meet up with each other… until

Moved by their genuine friendship over the years, Skype decided to have
them meet up for the first time. It’s very touching indeed. Although I have
to agree with Adweek’s article that it’s not common for Skype to show in
their ad about people meeting up with each other while Skype’s whole value
proposition itself is actually based around how you still feel connected
with people that matter for you although you’ve being separated by long

I think Skype decided to do this as they want to focus on the bond that
both the girls have been build, remotely over the years through Skype. One
last thing, I think with such a great story like this, you almost couldn’t
mess it up so it’s a big win for Skype as people generally love this kind
of story πŸ™‚
#advertising #goodvertising #skype

ilikeyourkeyblade says:

My best friend and I live in different cities and I met her online when I
stopped her from committing suicide,months and months we texted,talked in
twitter,Tumblr,and facetimed. The amazing moment was when I finally got to
meet her in person,it doesn’t feel like you’re meeting someone new because
they already know you.

Sarah Peterson says:

You go Skype! What a captivating and emotional ad in which the brand is
emphasized, but not overly promoted. I’m sure I am not the only viewer who
was brought to tears.

Anthony Painter says:

I lost my arm in a very violent accident when I was 18 years old. this
video touched my heart very much. God bless you two girls always hold on to
your friendship. Your video brought tears to my eyes.

clyde major says:

Skype’s mission:
Find two pretty girls who were born with the same rare deformity, train
them to become actresses, tell an unreasonable story(as shown here: film
their meeting with professional directors and skits),Bribe as many
companies and media providers to make it known, and as a result make the
public believe in the company and further invest in their growth.
I used to be a part of Skype’s team and this was just a scheme. It’s sick
but effective.
and you are a fool to believe this was true. I only wish more people knew
how corporation works.

6XxDJxX9 says:

dem onions

122vanessa122 says:

I’m in a long distance relationship and since we both live in different
countries we can’t communicate very easily. We heavily depend on skype as a
means to keep our relationship strong, I’m very grateful.

robert illman says:

I am 47 and never had a friend in my life

it hurts so bad I have two arms and I cry for the girls loss
but the pain in my heart hurts just as much I wish i didnt
have one so it didnt hurt

Halfdan Reschat says:

*Skype Ad About Friendship*
Well done, +Skype.

Michael Stack says:

Omg are both these people losing an arm..?

Michelle Schenker says:

*Stop What You are Doing and Watch This*
You will be inspired and moved by this awesome story. #skype
#authenticmarketing #storytelling

Mar Marmar says:

True friendship . This made me cry .Awesome!!

woahitsmoh says:

that is very sweet

Ricky Shan says:

I think this is rly special:)

Arthur Luna says:

This is the type of stories that keeps me going.

Karl Dahlquist says:

wow, turn on the waterworks…

Sung Han says:

Dem feelings and a pile of chopped onions @ 2:21.

annisa dewi says:

oh,,amazing story about
heart touching

Beth Pizana says:

This made me cry but it was awesome <3

Hyderali Shaikh says:

This will definitely will bring tears to your eyes πŸ™

Brittney R. says:

So poignant! Amazing!

Francesca Hubbard says:

am i the only one who doesnt give a fuck where skype puts their logo or
that they even did?

Siedah Holmes says:

I cried when they finally ran up to each other. This is so sweet!

blehblotbled says:


Rue n' Q says:

This was so heart warming. When they ran to eachother I cried like a baby!
So sweet!

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