Tabata Training Method – Part 2 – Made Fit TV – Ep 93

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TIffany Oakes says:

I use an Ipad/Iphone ap that works great for Tabatas! It was only $4.29 and
worth every penny!

em2241992 says:

I actually did something similar to this for my chest. It is a very
effective and brutal technique using no rest. Great concept, good luck to
anyone doing this.

Frankie Rivera says:


Samin Maharjan says:

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funkadelik85 says:

Awesome vid as always! Wish you would do more than one a week =)

juanito holmes says:

Great training technique… You looks great, fantastic :)… rocks ..
ripped… πŸ˜‰

MadeFitTV says:

@rebecca3601 It’s on my site madefittv-dot-com and it is called the
GymBoss. You can get it online, $20, supercheap, easy and you can use it

xenotime1 says:

I already told you. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much
I exercised my abs were still jello. btw!but ye I heard that most of the
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TheNuyorker says:

A person being random, ignorant and racist. That’s not new

sweetnesslove says:

great videos

Adrian Savu says:

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tyra696 says:

I just found them on ebay for 19.95 : ) Hope that helps

Doug Johnson says:

Hey Jenny, looks very challenging but I’ll have to give it a try. Please
come visit me in the home if I become paralyzed. πŸ™‚ -Doug

TheNuyorker says:

I shouldn’t have to, but I respect that you have an opinion just like I did

Liza Pezzimenti says:

Thank you for sharing your information! I was trying to find the template
that you mentioned at 2:10 I tried looking at your website but didn’t
notice it. Do you have a link for it? Thank you for your time and your

sourlimelemon says:

Great! And I agree with JK98bones, you do look ripped this week! Love that
it’s another Tabata!

Lilly Beck says:

Hi, there. I like it. So, does this work for upper body or lower body?

abby giovino says:

way too much talking!

sKebess says:

Man it’s soo much more motivating when it’s a girl presenting this stuff, :
) (not being a perv or anything..)

Jeff Jackson says:

Love it. I’m introducing Tabata to my clients next week

TheNuyorker says:

I like the workout a little annoyed I had to get through so much talking
before the beginning of the actual workout

itsmoviesquotes says:


DoItandLoseIt says:

I LOVE tabata protocol workouts! I’ve never seen faster results and I think
i’ve tried just about everything!

TheNuyorker says:

@rebecca3601 gymboss makes the tabata stop watch they sell on the gymboss
website and amazon

Gina Perry says:

Love it made tv!

Avedis Barsoumian says:


Yuniechan4ever says:

@bfjcmyi yes. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys
did not tell me about this method. And I heard it from one of my body
builder friend, that you can use this method to gain big muscles. The video
describing the method is here =>

Kurrupt4Lyfe says:

Lol, thanks for the heads up

costa Marcos says:

Training starts at 2:20

imrana6 says:

love your shoulders, and Tabatas are my fav workouts

Woot Woot says:

Jennifer, you look so great! Best ever I think. I want to look like

MadeFitTV says:

@TheNuyorker For beginners, you have to let them know what they are getting
themselves in for. Everyone learns at their own pace, so I make sure I can
accommodate for that group.

Chalani Nisansala says:

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Cameron Bradford says:

Great Video. Thanks for sharing.

anettewithers says:

Hmm a bit boring πŸ™‚

martin lennigg says:

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Ryan Slattery says:

This kicked my butt! I couldn’t get all the way through yet…but I’ll keep

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