“Somewhere Only We Know” – Keane – D.U.M.B.s – The Twilight Zone – “To Serve Man”

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MrBigBiskit says:

what the f did i just watch

ChaosButterfly8 says:

● Please see “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane in my ‘Deep Underground
Military Bases – A Pale Horse’ playlist. Thank you.

ChaosButterfly8 says:

Also, listen to ‘New Order -True Faith’ (Lyrics) … Think… D.U.M.B.s
(Deep Underground Military Bases)

ChaosButterfly8 says:

Don’t go!

TheLightHouseLady says:

Nice Video!

ChaosButterfly8 says:

“Somewhere Only We Know” is a song performed and composed by English
alternative rock band Keane, officially released as their third commercial
single, and appearing as the opening track of their debut album, Hopes and
Fears as the first single. It is considered also Keane’s first major
commercial release, becoming one of the greatest hits of 2004 worldwide and
peaking on the UK charts at number three during its first week of sale.” –
From Wikipedia

ChaosButterfly8 says:

Notice the Druid aliens in “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane.¸¸. ♪ ♪ ♫.

Gagare1952 says:

I love it Butterfly:)

ChaosButterfly8 says:

Celtic / Druid tree and leaf spirit aliens form a 666 sun in the “Somewhere
Only We Know” – Keane video?

ChaosButterfly8 says:

Aleister Crowley – Little Mr. Sunshine 666. “When Crowley was on the stand
in a libel case, he was asked about his identification with the number 666.
He replied, “It means merely sunlight. You may call me Little Sunshine.”
From Thelemapedia.

rejoicing007 says:

WHOA! Chaos! I had wondered about that because of the ‘pens’ found under
the Denver airport. Why wouldn’t the globalists consider us food? They
treat their pets better than humanity.

ChaosButterfly8 says:

I wonder why the globalists haven’t considered themselves as delicacies.

LP101A says:

Songs of snacks… 😉

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