Skype Explained Visually

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GamingWithBadasses says:


Marie Smith says:

Never trust any liar. Just this link worked really for me! Only this one is works

DarkKokiri86 says:

Just use a damn phone

Jimmy Fanioltyer says:


Ac1DGoD says:

ahh id much rather communicate on my phone since its much easier to carry
around then a laptop. So with skype; I would either have to be posted at my
computer at all times or carry my comp around with me while carrying around
a headset or speakers? if so; no thanks.

chazz lawrence says:

Free huh ?

juddt33 says:

This asks

kim l says:

no you cn video chat with 25 people at onces

Betty Douglas says:

Hey guys take a look at this working Skype Credit Generator Tested and
worked great!

Libbie says:


Marybell Ortiz says:

and how many people can u videochat at once im pretty sure just one person

Krasimira Georgiewa says:
ITacticalKnifeMw3 says:

Skype is pointless

Romillion G says:

You know… When you have skype, you are being video recorded at all times.

JMWicksed says:


Sebastian Anderson says:

I’m not a girl..

SlayerEdition says:

@sammelief1 yes how not to telephones, you can talk to friends on skype pc
to pc

TheAeroWorks says:

Don’t forget their Group Video Calling Fair Usage Policy! You have 100
hours a month max! It’s hidden on the site and its BS

javier torres says:

someone told tom hardy he was a skype father!….damn low blow

Zeppelin196818 says:

Skype sucks and doesn’t work for me. Someone needs to Skype them!

Ibrahim Khaled says:

add me 🙂 ibrahim.khaled88

beH3uH says:

*insert skyrim joke here*

Fernando Pena says:

Add me {PMC} killer_virrus

Tbagchamp says:

Skype:ThomasPita Im 14

Анвар Гарифулин says:

h tt p: // d e p o si t f il es .c om /f i le s/ fre ivj 2ar классная прога
для накрутки денег

Евгений Антипов says:


Markipliersbiggestfan says:

i typed that in and it said <3hayleepie<3

Wolfehh says:

So’s your face

3089280288 says:

Can you use a voip phone?

xxRAZORWOLFxx says:


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