Seeking Asian Female … Doc… Test

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maikeru01 says:

Isn’t grouping Stephen in a group of men called “men like stephen” pretty
much just as bad as grouping asian women into a group? I mean, aren’t you
still just generalizing and judging? If anything isn’t it even worse since
you’re being negative about him, and he’s being positive about you? Maybe
you can say Stephen is weird but this whole thing is based on the premise
that there is something wrong with a white guy being attracted to an Asian
girl. Seems like a really antiquated idea. How is it different from black
and white or black and asian? I don’t get it.

KenyanMangroveWaigi says:

Should probably show more than one asian girl trying to get with a white
guy and then this document will be well rounded

Debbie Lum says:

Thanks for watching my film, even though this is an unauthorized version!
As the film’s director and producer, I greatly appreciate your interest in
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Tacicia Bryan says:

I really appreciated this documentary. I also liked the change I saw in
Stephen. I wish them all the best.

Darren Wong says:

Wow, that was extremely racist for you to say. While yes, she’s being
racist, so are you.

y2kye says:

I don’t know why, but as soon as Debbie revealed herself as Asian, I told
myself, “I bet she has a white boyfriend/husband.” And then, BAM! I was
right, and I laughed. I say this as an Asian-American male who has come to
find that most Asian-American women(at least ones that I’ve encountered)
have no desire to EVER date an Asian man. At 29 years-old, it kinda sucks
since White, Black, Hispanic, and Middle-Eastern women seem to think the
same, and studies show that to be very true. 🙁

1991Q says:

Japanese people are the most racist people in the world, go kill yourself
like all Japanese people do when they have a bad day XD

rotin999 says:

Leeeeeeeeeel what a miserable man.

1991Q says:

yeah fuck u japan, remember unit 731? Nanking? FUCK YOU

rotin999 says:

why? What’s wrong with my posting?

Nunnuv Yorbizniz says:

Omg these men are gross. I feel for any woman who has ever had the extreme
displeasure of being in their company, or worse, in bed with men like this.

electropunk42 says:

Gonzo Journalism. Becoming a character in the story she is covering. Fear
and Loathing in awkward situations. The dude looked for 5 years and didn’t
bother to learn any Chinese language?

Dre Ruiz says:

THIS! Sandy is such a strong woman, god damn! Seriously, she’s got some
iron will

TheCatsLastWord says:

No one said it’s necessary for the language to work, but it will strengthen

TheCatsLastWord says:

No, it’s not. It’s respectful for the other person. Notice how she called
him stupid and said he needed to learn about her culture. If he is ever to
go to China to meet her family, you think he will get by using English
there? No, he won’t. You miss a WHOLE way of thinking on your partner’s
half when you don’t at least try to learn some of their language. Chinese
people have a completely different way of thinking than Americans and
learning the language is part of understanding that.

TheCatsLastWord says:

What do you mean it’s not that simple? You date someone of another culture,
you take the time to learn some of their language and culture. Yes, it’s
that simple. Hollywood has nothing to do with that…Not even sure if you
understood Jazzy’s comment in the first place.

TheCatsLastWord says:

I don’t think she has “white fever”. She made it pretty clear that she was
looking for a Chinese guy open to marrying her at 30 years old. I guess it
is easier to find an older white guy who will. Also, it presented the
opportunity to get her to move to America. I think there are more dynamics
on her side of it than just liking him because he is white. Give me a
break. Look at him!

TheCatsLastWord says:

Fair question. I wanted to hear more about her husband.

TheCatsLastWord says:

You should watch the whole documentary, first. She admits to making
assumptions at the end of it. It’s not just a smear campaign on guys who
are mostly attracted to Asian women.

kphamu says:

I need an update on Sandy’s life. Did she write a book?

Alfred Goodier says:

Agree people love labels,I just asked my wife about this and the one
Chinese guy she was interested in china already had a girlfriend but for
her Chinese or white no difference but I think she was just to picky which
is why she didn’t find a boyfriend in china ,lucky for me 2nd marriage
,together 5 years ,married two just had a little girl two weeks ago,the
best thing is I am as happy today as I was 5 years ago. For me Asian ,white
or black no preference . Must have “Multi racial fever”lol

alfred espinosa says:

YuYu be a bit fufu.

alfred espinosa says:

Try Big Bird!

Airi G says:

LOL! The landlord “You have a couple of em!”

SolariEcho says:

We saw the same thing long ago when they coined the term “Jungle Fever”, in
an attempt to also defame white men for having an open mind to date black
women. And now look at where we’re at with racial relations. Do some people
have “racial fetishes”… of course, but you should educate them rather
than smearing an entire segment of the population with racist propaganda.

SBSistheTruth says:

At least in the beginning of this doco, this Americanized Asian women is
very condescending toward Steven.

David palaski says:

It should be equal I would love to learn :)…It is a mans job is to hold
his wife above himself and be more leaned and supportive ……

Daniel Metcalf says:

And why does the narrator not have ‘white fever’ like Steven’s lady?

rugger1869 says:

Why does Steven have “Yellow Fever,” but the narrator’s husband doesn’t?

1991Q says:

yeah japanese people racist, fuck youu

Zack Kennison says:


John Smith says:

But one thing I wouldn’t understand is when you have no money to buy food,
why would you spend 20,000 for a wedding… I’d spend whatever it costs to
get a marriage certificate from the city clerk’s office and that’s it!
Listen to Suse Orman if you know what I mean; only spend money on what you
need, not what you want!!!

John Smith says:

I hope she’ll ultimately be able to improve her English to the level where
she’s able to pursue her career of nursing. Nursing courses wouldn’t be
easy but she’s a serious person and a caring person obviously and she’ll be
a good nurse. Also, since there are in SF it’s just so easy for her to find
as many Chinese as she wants, that’s not a problem at all. The frustration
living in America would be easily over. And I believe since they’ve been
together 4 yrs she’s definitely adapted by now.

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