Power Dialer Demo for skype is a free option but Hot Prospector is much faster and has more features

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Mark Helton says:


Arthur Gordon says:

It works beautifully. Thanks a million. I have been Copy and pasting. This
has saved a ton of time. Type in “office toolbar for skype” in Google

Mark Helton says:

Sounds like your internet connection.

Dima Mirsky says:

no one cares about your story. just introduce us to the freaking
sophisticated dialer!!!

Mark Helton says:

You can turn your phone numbers to hyperlinks in excel. Just do a Google
search for “phone number hyperlink in excel” and there are some good
article on how to do it.

Ottley Holmes says:

The system works but I’m having trouble with people hearing all of my
words. If aI speak at a normal rate not all of my words come through. Any

ToisanWC says:

Awesome! Just what I needed!

Dhancon Desroches says:

Can you do this on mac?

HatTube says:

It appears Skype discontinued this product although they still support it,
but I did find an alternative from Softonic. Anyone, have any experience
with any viable alternatives since the origanal Skype office toolbar isnt
available anymore?

canceltriplea says:

Okay….so have all the *kinks* been worked out?

Edward Casey says:

I followed your instructions but I am unable to create the skype links. I
always get a “not responding” message everytime I try to create the skype

Mark Helton says:

I don’t have a MAC but I don’t see why not.

nidomna says:

really awsome

Mark Helton says:

Thank you! Appreciate your kind words.

Mark Helton says:

LoL, you are such a nice person. You’re welcome for the free information.
Glad you are so appreciative. KEEP BEING AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING!

Andrewstrauss100 says:

excellent information

Brian English says:

I have a mac and excel, will this work on mac?

Mark Helton says:

You are welcome!

Milka Barackov says:

You are a fivestar all times ;-)) Thank you!!

Mark Helton says:

I think so.

Mark Helton says:

No “kinks”. Its just and excel spreadsheet and skype.

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