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  1. The old saying is, “Ïf it sounds too good to be true it probably is”..

  2. Who is Philip monsour??? HE’S A CROOK! and NOW the Internet Crime Complaint
    Center knows he’s a crook!

  3. @pdlbtqc I’m pulling in some serious bank (best day so far was $2320). It’s
    all because of finding the right killer niche markets. This course explains
    it all: bit.ly/ODDd3v?=cpduwv

  4. he is lying .. its not true.. ITS NOT TRUE>>> i bought the formula
    software.. its a peace of crap.. i mean its working. but its selling

  5. I can’t use the software anymore. Can you? I also sent an email to the
    support ….and guess what? No response. It freezes a lot! The idea of the
    software is really good but in the long term….

  6. Do you really think u could be making 10.000 dollars a day just by buying
    this course. Rubbish

  7. @ARCNathanael Apparently sales are overwhelming them – they sold over 1 MIL
    worth, I think it sux that they didn’t prepare a better Helpdesk for FMF

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