Online Dating Tips: Avoid These 2 Mistakes Most Men Make Online

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Max Willson says:

I absolutely hate technology for meeting someone. Face it, most men don’t
even read books! Our grammar isn’t even good to begin with! Any type of
texting is a death trap for men, just find someone in REAL LIFE and try to
limit the text. Consider technology as nothing but window shoping. 

Max Willson says:

Technology is a joke with even an attempt to date! Just move on guys, woman
just window shop with online NO MATTER WHAT. 

thornygravy says:

Fuck you. Tony rapes your face. 

luno44 says:

Oh man. The “I like a night on the town, or staying home.” And the “I want
someone who can make me laugh.”
I wish I could get paid to edit girls’ profiles.

Josh Bishop says:

Unsure if this amped my game any

Dominik Knapik says:

I bet she could suck some good dick.

Cnc says:

lol do you guys think this girls on here to tell you advice?? haha. look to
your right.. see the list.. all these women just want views. Their all the
girls you actually message from a datesite. Who have thought to themselves
wow I get alot of views, im gonna make a youtube video and make some $$
from google. get me? Its never about a man, it what a men can do for her. 

MGTOW Rising says:

Online dating is a complete joke, men. All it is is a forum for women to
feed their egos and need for overt attention. Think I’m wrong? Create a
fake female profile on any dating site and sit back and watch the results
compared to your male profile. Just do it. It will revolutionize your view
of online dating for men.

Tony Montresor says:

4:58 “Don’t be too rebose.”

You mean “verbose”? Sorry, I don’t take expert advice from people who don’t
know simple English vocabulary.

Scott Andrew Hutchins says:

Women tend to complain if I’m not smiling enough. I don’t like to show my
teeth because of the tetracycline damage.


she is hot

Steve Thomas says:

Avoid these 2 mistakes most men make in online dating:

1) Signing up

2) Contacting women who seem genuine


Dating Thats Easy says:

She’s got some decent tips! Online dating does work… although, you’ve gotta
be persistent and write a solid, unique & emotionally filled profile to
attract women. Good profile pix are key too.

fcknewworldorder says:

American society its wrong doomed and many other online date nothing dating
destroying relationships many other things
winggirlmethod his example how to sell his budget$

relationship bestway go outside avoid online dating avoid clubs

Jason Shoots says:

Oh wow, women stirring men’s emotions, that may come back and bite them in
the butt.

Jonathan Doney says:

can I buy you a beer?

Free Dating Site says:

I can’t agree more. People (guys) need to learn it. I run a dating site and
see thousands of messages sent with absolutely no clue how to do it
effectively. I’m not saying girls are any better. It’s just their role is
more passive.

0326hkim says:

keep behaving like that, you’ll be single longer. if a guy messages you
online, doesnt that tell you he is interesting in getting to know you? If
tables were turned, and women had to do the chasing, they will know how
ridiculous some of their criteria for dating are.

Frank Gilbert says:


ian polesel says:

your a useless tool. get a real job !!

Kal L says:

Too much work and effort just to not get a response, computers are for porn
not online dating. If you want to meet a girl do it the old fashion way and
go somewhere public. 

Will Umstead says:

I want this girl’s number.

The Wormhole says:

I disagree. Men should smile in their pics. They don’t have to grin from
ear to ear, but most men who don’t smile and try to look sexy, end up
either looking cocky or like a serial rapist. 

Cody Cirigliano says:

Why can’t woman just stop playing all these games and just say you like
each other
seems kinda stupid that girls over think this kinda shit

Yurek Sireaev says:

Suddenly everyone is now an expert on Online dating! Fucking thing SUCKS!!!

orbitaldildo says:

Online dating is like taking a shit upside down.

Ralphie Montoya says:

Feel you on that Scott! My dentist said I have that tetracycline damage

DrastiQEntertainment says:

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Harold J. Duarte-Bernhardt says:

DATING ONLINE-Avoid these two mistakes most men make online!

Tony Montresor says:

The fact that women are so outnumbered by men on these dating sites is the
best thing that ever happened to all these so-called “experts.” They can
now give their incredible advice about how to get a girl to notice them.
Bullshit. The reason women typically ignore or reject a man’s message is
because they’re inundated with them and probably never even see your
message. If you want a date, you need to change the system. For the typical
male who is not an investment banker and/or has the looks of that Indian
guy on Big Bang Theory (I would say Brad Pitt but it’s getting clichéd to
use his name in these instances and I’ve heard that dork is very popular
among women these days) then what you have to do is either (1) give up with
online dating or (2) if you don’t want to give up, be very persistent. This
means contacting as many women as you can with original messages in the
hopes that you might contact someone at just the right time who isn’t
getting a lot of messages at that moment and who might be interested in
responding to you. PERIOD. None of this bullshit that these expert dingbats
think they’re lighting up the world with.

Frank Gilbert says:

Have a great day and enjoy

Cody Cirigliano says:

WOW what a bunch of egotistical ass holes… SAD

Tony Montresor says:

Can’t get enough of these self-proclaimed “experts” all over YouTube giving
their stupid advice. Put up pictures of yourself smiling. Put up pictures
of yourself NOT smiling. Have a long profile. Have a SHORT profile. Be
funny. Be serious.

blitzvomitew16 says:

if you want to find somebody…GO INTO THE REAL WORLD!

1. girls are less shallow..where online, if she finds 1 flaw about you, she
won’t talk to you. ,,she will just move onto the NEXT profile. your chances
are limited online while in the real world, her guard will be down a bit &
she won’t be as bitchy.

2. you don’t have to worry about being “cat-fished”. 

hornydating . says:

Great advice now off to BBW SEX FLING to try it out

Cap Last says:

This society is doomed.

Let it burn.

Ralph Kramden says:

American women suck…..They are all game players and if they are close to
being attractive then why are they on a dating site ? They think they have
us by the balls and the jokes on them when they have to sleep alone. I met
my wife over seas in Italy and she is 15 years younger than me and totally
loves me as I do her. Find a woman over seas men. Screw American
women….Good Luck.

Trent McMinnits says:

who can be fucked chasing woman and begging them for sex, 50 years ago
woman used to respect men now they are just after the elite 20% of men and
put up so many barriers that won’t allow a nice normal guy to have a chance

blitzvomitew16 says:

online dating DOES NOT WORK because females are TOO PICKY and way the fuck

you have to try WAY TOO HARD when it does NOT have to be that hard to get a
girl to talk to you unless you look like a damn bum off the streets.

avgrim77 says:

Females avoid this mistake right here. Just some advice. Don’t let the
fantasy online world sway you into having a false sense of entitlement.
Most women let the number of messages they get go to their heads all while
trying hard to do whatever it takes to increase their views and messages.
You have to gauge yourself with the real world attention you get more than
online. Online we can’t tell if we would be interested it’s only a guess.
Online the male/female ratio is like 8/1. Most women hide certain facts
about themselves to make them seem more dateable, take photos with weird
angles or use pictures 5 years old then sit back and let the number of
messages they get inflate their egos which causes them to think they
deserve more and better. Over estimating their true market value. When we
actually meet we find out we really not interested so while you were
letting the undeserved praise and attention go to your heads it was just a
false sense brought on by inaccuracies. I think this is the main reason we
see females online for half a decade.

Pawan Kumar says:


Riggio Scoffic says:

so true !

Riggio Scoffic says:

so true !!

Matty King says:

“It’s up to the guy to…” Why is it always up to the guy? Isn’t that
sexual discrimination?? What if i treat her with the same indifference?! In
my experience with twitter and facebook, every chick i’ve felt a connection
with has been a manipulative Cock-teaser!! Fuck this..I’m going to book
another Sex-worker! 😛 At least they know how to treat a nice guy!? ,ilii

colin darling says:


RyanPerson says:

Hate to break it to you, but nope. I’ve known good looking guys use
bullshit cliche cookie cutter messages on dating sites and still get dates.
If an average looking person or an ugly person were to do it, they would
not get the same results. Looks matter more on a dating site than they do
in person because the people can only really see your picture.

colin darling says:

Hi Ottawa.. I must say sorry to you and the girl in the video too. I
thought she was talking about video on line . ie Skype. And realized she
was talking only about emailing. So with that, it is difficult to really
get to know someone, unless you are on the phone or video Skyping them. So
I do agree with your statement, Mind you… A friend of mine is marrying
his partner who he was ”only” emailing her through this process. But
saying that, he did travel to the UK to see he a few times too.

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