16 Replies to “Older Women Dating Younger Men – Dating After Divorce For Women”

  1. Ive dated a few oldet women and like a dum ass i married a woman who hates
    her father didnt like her stepfather and i married her…guess how happy i

  2. Hello thank you for sharing this video. im 27 yrs old and dating a 40 yrl
    we have a year and 7 months together we been through alot but our
    relationship is going great so far! In my past i dated girls my age but i
    seen that the majority they just wanna party be crazy not give attention
    and not caring, im sick and tired of all that. I finally found someone who
    loves me and gives me alot of attention. Thats all i needed in a girl

  3. Why the hell would a young man date an older woman, especially a divorced
    woman?? Divorced women are train wrecks mentally.

  4. It’s a nice guid video for divorced women dating. By the way, I think that
    divorcedwomandating is a wonderful site for divorced women finding their

  5. I have been with my fiance” for 3 years we are getting married this sat
    oct.1, 2011 he is 32 and I am 51, it is the best relationship I have ever

  6. Wow, thanks for your advise. I recently met a guy and was very attracted to
    him, but felt awkward as he is 8 years younger than me. We have gone out a
    few times but I haven’t introduced him to my friends yet. I think you have
    given me tne confidence to actually start “going public” with him. He is a
    great guy and truthfully I couldn’t ask for more.

  7. I strongly feel that people should not make a big fuzz about older divorced
    women dating younger men. These women have an edge over their younger
    competition due to the experience they have in terms of life experience –
    and that’s what draws younger men towards them.

  8. @cpkatlin50 Hell ya, you go girl! Age is just a number…enjoy the
    differences, energy, and have fun again!

  9. Couldnt agree with you more! I grabbed the program and I did what it say
    and was able to open the door ti his heart in a way I was never able to do
    before. 🙂 It was really a big help..:) Anyway, I think you got the name of
    the site wrong. That should be: GettingBackTheEx.info

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