34 Replies to “Kids Choice Awards Illuminati 2010”

  1. You could see the checkerd I’m a episode of spongebob.. Mr.Magic…..
    You know what I just realised! Almost every thing shortens 2 M’s like M&M,
    M.M (Mr.magic) M.M (Mega man) M.M (MEGA MIND!?!?!?) and more! So yeah…..

  2. i see squares. who cares.I believe you manifest that is what you foresee.
    If you focus on the evils of the world then that is what you will attract.
    This video is the Illuminati

  3. The EVIL are going to HELL … and hell sucks !!! only they dont believe
    it…but it is horrible…and evil people will stay there for a long time.
    LOL LetΒ΄s choose THE WHITE SIDE !!! JESUS IS THERE !!!

  4. hey u guyss search for teen choice awards 2011 part 5 on youtube and look
    at the stage. it looks like an eye!!!

  5. I couldn’t agree more ppl get so offended when these celebrities are called
    it when it’s clear that this stuff exists!! So many are heavily brainwashed
    it’s sickening!!

  6. i really hate the illuminatis and i know what is going on and their plans,
    but i think you are exagerating a little with the lines so you are telling
    me to dont use stripes on anything or i will be illuminati?

  7. The Illuminati has been exposed already by Donald Marshall. The two biggest
    Illuminati secrets are: Cloning Center’s/Stations and Vril Lizards

  8. I dont believe this is illuminati work its just designs I know nick is
    controllef by the illuminati but this is not hard enougj evidence

  9. Yeah, the illuminati religion is very real to some people but this is
    really over the top!…… I don’t know what else to say….. Hi….

  10. Ignorance is bliss. You cannot deny the illuminati if you dont personally
    research illuminati or its occultic symbolism. Only a ignorant fool would
    argue something they know nothing about. Ppl get offended when they’re fav
    celeb gets exposed lol smh grow up. The illuminati is real and you’d be
    surprised how many ppl have sold their souls to obtain riches and fame.
    That’s how they become so famous. Just to get killed in the the end.
    Everything illuminati does or says is subliminal & symbolic

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