Independent Lens | Wonder Women! | Clip | PBS

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Jay Har says:

Zeus, baby, you got issues. Was yo momma mean to you, po’ ting!

Laventure Alix says:

great video

Zeus Waters says:

THE MYSTERY OF WOMAN:she’s man,just the “weaker vesseled man”. When woman
was formed from man,all mans desires,likes(beauty) and dislikes(ulgly)
passed on to woman. Man looked at man,and behold themselves as ugly,and
behold woman as beautiful. Man assumed because they was commonly ugly,that
woman behold there ugly appearance as attractive.FALSE. Woman see man as he
see’s himself(ugly),and woman see’s woman like man see’s her(beautiful).

Shirley Thompson says:

alright 4 u, u go it all. young lady

Zeus Waters says:

Give me a break,women from the beginning of time was treated better then
the man. The suffering women went through,was having to marry the “ugly
male” because they needed security,and protection. Manny males married
women they knew wasn’t in love with them,they hoped in time she would love
them,but they didn’t. Diamonds,is not a girls best friend….BEAUTY IS,and
the man that often wins the woman’s heart,is often the “same sex”.

Zeus Waters says:

Woman as a whole pefer woman as their HELPMEET.

Zeus Waters says:

@Kevin, Adam chose Eve,over GOD;man is the same today..choosing woman over
everything. Trying to please the unpleasible woman gender… not knowing
without immense outward beauty,its all in vain.

Zeus Waters says:

This woman,just like every other woman,even need man to help her become
independent from man,and after all that they still need man to build the
buildings,to invent something and hire them,teach them to copy man’s
inventions…etc. This fake independent women depend on males to keep males
away from them,and fight to keep them protected,and PASS LAWS TO BLOCK
MALES AWAY FROM THEM. The woman wants to be independent from man,but not

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