How To Tell If A Guy Is Attracted To You Instantly: From Matthew Hussey, GetTheGuy

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fml3131 says:

Awesome accent there…

Sumon Khan says:

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women. Look up Easy Girl System and read the recommendations they give. I
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Rachel Roy says:

this is neat to know. i’m always so unaware of body language and my sister
thinks it would be beneficial for me to learn but i don’t know how accurate
it actually can be. i know the police thought i was lying basied on my body
language because i wouldn’t make eye contact but wasn’t lying. i was scared
and angry.

lillypad105 says:

The guy I like held his hand up for a high five after complimenting me for
coming up with a good idea for our group project, and I said no while
trying not to smile because I was freaking out inside and now I feel really
bad D: I hope he thinks I like him. Cause I do-a lot

Elena Burnett says:

Great advice Matthew you are sooooo right!!! Keep up!!!
I will also recomment for people to check a great ebook called the fairy
tale formula ” How to find the love of your life in three dates” great
tips, tools and solutions to navigate de dating arena. 

sophia yamaguchi says:

Ok everything you said is mostly a yes to everything, but still

Retro80Lady30 says:

Well I can tell you I’m attracted to you, but I can’t have you.

bulbasaur90 says:

No guy likes me…

Magg Seb says:

What if ALL he does is looking at you, doing nothing else?

Simone Thomas says:

Can you please do a video on shy guys and how their minds work. I want to
know how to get a shy guy!!!

jessica nicholls says:

question… What if they are interested but don’t make the move? … 

Jayde mack says:

so hott

Clarice pablo says:


dzoni bravoo says:

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DarthxErik says:

i am realllyyy distracted by how attractive you are.

Mary Pangowish says:

One of the top comments right now has 69 thumbs up. Good timing world

Asmaa Elsayed says:


ojanarastay says:

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Blackcat0207 says:

You look like a more attractive version of alex day… Weird

bubbleslover986 says:

oh daayum a guy has been doing all three of these things never realised O.o

Glam Roux says:

I think you forgot eye contact!

applepearbananaable says:

He doesnt like me:( heck ive never even talked to him. The longest convo
was when he accidentally drew my hand while flipping his papers (when he
was sitting beside me) and he apologized. Yea and that’s it:(

Tina Yu says:

One of the weirdest things happened to me during school

lauk05 says:

Are you attractive? If yes, he is attracted to you If no, he is not

potterylady1 says:


keke mal says:

ok he doesnt like me:(((((((((((((((((

khadiza387 says:

Kiss ur hand 3 times say ur crushes names 15 times and post this on 2 other

ggre says: 😛

luvuless12 says:

Thanks for confirming that i’m fucking stupid and missed out on my dream
man -_-

Awura LOVE says:

02:30 #hot

Thai Girl says:

what if he’s playfully punching u (like really really soft punches) does
that count?

Paige Sauve says:

He does everything but leans in. Instead, he fidgets and like keeps pulling
down his shirt and licking his lips. I think it’s pretty obvious he does
like me but wut does his fidgeting mean?

Julie Burns says:

Daniel Radcliffe, is that you?

HeyItsMe1224 says:

Honestly, the only reason i came to this video was for that face and sexy

lily paterson says:

Lol u do 🙂

Collie Muffin says:


CAPgirl14 says:

yep, totally can relate

Elizabeth Roberson says:

Shit get me the same thing except make it a fridge full of mountain dew.
i’ll be yours forever

moon starr says:

my goodness….what a hottie…xxx. that accent tips it.

Attract Your Soul Mate says:

So true! You can totally tell if someone is attracted to you- it’s all
about the body language.

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