26 Replies to “How to Read a Girl’s Body Language | Teen Dating Tips”

  1. wtf is this woman doing with the little flirty clips aimed at middle/high
    school students??
    wtf am i even doing here?

  2. Kiss your hand 10 times and say your crush’s name 15 times, and your crush
    will ask you out the next day

  3. this babe in the video is a dam so sexy , and great advice actually .
    thanks miss Shallon 

  4. I always touch my face and cross my arms when I’m nervous, especially
    around the guy I like… Whoops, I guess I’m not a girl!

  5. The I’m a 5th grader and this is sorta answering my question well she still
    plays with her hair but she broke up with me and sorta got interested in
    another guy

  6. My crush, we walk a lot around our school around lunch brake and she
    touches her neck and cheek. Of course we’re walking and the stuff I listed
    are the only things that helped me in this vid, what other signs should I
    look out for?

  7. That’s kind of helpful. I’ve been a pick up artist for four years, if you
    wish to know the easiest method to get any lady you want then look up Wise
    Women Workings. Really. No nonsense. Just search for it.

  8. OMG! This sucks ballz. Last year I could have dated the most popular and
    hottest girl in school. I can’t believe it. Why didn’t I find this video
    last year. Well that ship has sailed.

  9. Jesus is coming soon!! Jesus said in Revalation 22:7 “Behold! I am coming
    soon!” be ready!! no one knows when he will come but he will come soon!

  10. Most smartest blonde in the world XD Ha ha just kidding , this is so very
    helpful . Thank you so much 

  11. if you do succede in geting her to go out with you try not to be too
    clingy… my boyfriend is amazing but WAY too clingy it almost gets
    annoying sometimes.

  12. Kiss your hand 3 times say your crushes name 15 times and post this in to
    other 2 videos and your crush will ask u out tomorrow

  13. Okay, so every time I talk to my crush, she is doing all the things and I
    know that she likes me and yesterday I asked to talk to her. and when I
    talked to her she was playing with her hair, touching her colar bone, and
    all that stuff. But she also had her arms lightly crossed half the time, is
    that a good thing or bad thing?

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