How To Know If A Man Is Attracted To You

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Jayde mack says:


cyril ngolah says:

he will ask to fuck u

Joel Zapalac says:

Her tits are hard af

Ty-tec says:

is she blind or tumtin cus she look weird bro

Christine Nanteza says:

What is she looking at? The camera is over here lady

ytringer says:

Its pretty funny. Here in Norway the word “Videojug” means: “Videolies” So
I am not sure if I do trust this information… 😉

Leah M says:

well thanks for stating the obvious?

Erla Kristín says:

In the beginning of the video she says “inside tips” but I heard inside
tits, and my first thought was “well that ought to be interesting”.. but
then it wasn’t! Girls and boys the best way to know if some one is
attracted to you, is to simply ask.. there you go, problem solved 🙂

MrWhatsittome says:

Is this The Onion?LOL

kron koroxian says:

…. Or if he has a boner…..

Sosmcs See says:

She kinda scared me

Mager49 says:


Marios Christofi says:

Does he look at your tits? Then yes, he’s attracted to you.

rocklen1 says:

her advice sounds more like “how to know if a man is not attracted to YOU,
but is a hornball” But I suppose to women, a hornball dog is somebody
attracted to them.

2legit2sh!t says:

Your voice makes me want to drift off to sleep into your copious breasts.

yijunwang98 says:

This is all fine and dandy but the highschool version is way more toned
down than flowers and taking you out

whoseanawesomeninja says:

She’s creepy

cubbex says:

Hahaha, lies lies lies. He will look at your boobs or butt in secret xD

shamidou99 says:


Winnie Chan says:

Very informative

Sam Noneofurbuzz says:

Is it just me it does this ladys soothing voice creep the fuck out of you?

mouse4689 says:

Quiet weirdo

2ndKuzcoCool96 says:

Nice advice, and in a soothing voice. 🙂

Sierra Steinhagen says:

She’s reading what she’s saying

samballa narada says:


Epuma Etape says:

Geek week

111111polly says:

paper bag moment …then smash her rack….

Aramis Ramirez says:

2 much make-up lady!!

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