How to Attract Women for Shy Guys

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Minleyx1 says:

Life has limits. even when it comes to romantic interests. Life also haves
restrictions. I realized my restrictions… and yet people still treats me
like not ever having a spouse isn’t ok.

Gabriel Emara says:

The first 5 seconds put me off.

Ulises Lira says:

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Tyson Zachary says:

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Ethan Zapata says:

Closed mouths don’t get fed.. that quote changed things for me.
@Frank: Hit up *Mack Methods. com*…
There’s a guide/course on there, which is free, that will help you out a
lot for sure.

OverthereLook says:

DeAnna, I respect you and your advice, thanks! Here’s what works for me,
just do something you’re good at and be focused on it 100% whether it’s
soccer, reading, drawing, ect. Just beast at something and they will come.
It usually starts with a question;
You play for the school?
What you reading?
Oh you draw?

David Wolf says:

I find it funny how all the advice for shy guys is to, “Don’t be shy!
Don’t be yourself!”. They never tell you how to work with your shyness,
somehow, or how to get around the barriers it puts up. Just “don’t be shy”
is the best advice they can give. Not very inspiring. Telling someone to
be uncomfortable, to make someone else comfortable, doesn’t seem like good
advice to me. If I’m on date, I’m already stepping way outside of my
comfort zone and being as outgoing as I can be. I would hope that my date
would be able to meet me half way, if they are truly interested in me.
Going from shy to not-shy is not like flipping a switch.
The only good advice I heard was the double-date idea, since it puts you
with people you know and are comfortable with and allows you to show your
more sociable side. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. But, it
does work around the issue, without trying to change who you are.
I’d like to hear other alternatives to traditional dating. I think the
pace of normal dating my just be too fast and unnatural, for introverted
people. I’d like to hear alternative ways to meet a potential partner,
that are more suited to a shy person. Like say… joining a group of some
kind (instant common interest) and making friends at first and how to use a
friendship to springboard into a relationship. I find the best
relationships I’ve had, were with girls I started off as being friends with
first. We got to know each other first and when they got to see the real
me, the chemistry sparked. Sometimes the ‘friend-zone’ isn’t always a bad
place to be, if you know how to get out of it. I find tips on how to get
out of the friend-zone to be the most helpful. You just need to hope they
don’t get snatched up, in the mean time.
So, what I’m trying to say, is that shy/introverted guys can be sociable,
but need the opportunities to be so, in ways that are comfortable with
them. I want ideas that help with that. Suggestions?

dirtyplaya says:

im only silent an shy when im around people i dont know, usualy when im
around my friends im wild an crazy, i can admit if im put ina situation
when im meetin a girl for the first time i aint gonna be lil nervous an shy
but usually when we start talking im good

shakeebahmed100 says:

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Ris Bhomi says:

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Jononutoob says:

I was distracted by all the white everywhere. I just want to take a cup of
grape punch and throw it all over that place. And if being quiet and not
talking until im winded is “being a dud” then so be it. Any girl who cant
sit in silence is immature and too needy for my broke ass anyway.

eric madison says:

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She said: “They just do” …. Hey guys… Please believe me: All the
confident guys are liars and that is why they get women and women would
think they are confident. You always have to lie to get the girl naked,
shake her and leave her the other day just like a bitch and

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Nitesh Karki says:

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maasharu9 says:

Women giving men advice on how to pick up women. That has fiasco written
all over it. Take any women who likes a confident guy, give her two beers
and she’ll think that same guy is arrogant. It’s impossible to chart a map
on a landscape that is constantly changing. If the River runs East to west
one moment, then suddenly runs north to south the next moment you look at
it – trying to map where it goes or from it comes from is an utter and
absolute waste of time. You want to be more successful with women: go
someplace which has people (including women) who share your interests. It’s
a hell of a lot easier to date someone like minded, because if you both
think in similar ways – you can actually *relate* to them. Then, you’ll
*want* to spend time together: thus, a happy relationship. Simple advice,
try it out. Quit trolling the bars unless you want to end up with a
sh!tfaced party girl or a bar whore. Go someplace where people (male and
female) share interests *you* enjoy, and find someone with whom you can
share yourself. It’s not terribly complicated people, get with the program
would ya’ please? It’s getting embarrassing. Really.

FunkinTwisted says:

I, as a guy, agree with most of what DeAnna talks about………… BUT,
she missed two HUGE points. And I’m talking about building a real
relationship here. First, men and women need to be themselves and be
themselves 100%. If you have to fake being YOU to be with someone….. why
be with them? Secondly, compatibility, compatibility, compatibility. If the
conversation is flat or she is bored or you are bored or it’s just not
happening, pack up for the night and head over to your buds place for beer
and cards. If all you want is to stick your dick in a bunch of woman,
listen to DeAnna 100%. It’s the charismatic, egotistical, alpha, macho,
funny male that gets the pussy all the time. Been there and done that….
and I’m no pretty boy either. Good lesson to share with the shy guy DeAnna.

Hi Ya says:

This is easy. If she’s foreign, be honest, sincere, and loving. You will
have a loyal and loving mate for life. If she’s American, just wave money.
You’ll have a mate for life, but she won’t be loyal or loving.

Thomas Anderson says:

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verguenza ajena says:


joe mioff says:

real nice,i am shy but I would stick my tongue up her ass if she paid me

TheSocialPlayground says:

obvious, don’t be shy, it’s bad for ya, however, sometimes shyness give a
tactical advantage if applied properly

paul paquette says:

it can weird dating shy girls too 

Nolan Cook says:

I hate this “teasing” shit. There’s only so far a person go “tease” before
it turns into insults which is even worse than being silent.

Richard B. Roberts says:

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trustworthy dating sites online at zooknews. com/dating

Syunghyuk Seo says:

Thank you..
Thank you …
Thank you ..

I didn’t know what to do.. and now I got it.

Steve Thomas says:

I can’t pull a rotten tooth out of a dead horse’s mouth.


rebecca lista says:

Shy guys can easily attract women if they know the right method like this

Ulises Lira says:

hey i really like your smile1 its nice

Florida Man says:

shyness is a turn off for most women get in where you fit in and just do
the dam thing good luck

Baseballbat95 says:

I hate how women are always put on a fucking pedestal in society

Anon Ymous says:

Where’s the guide for the shy man who doesn’t want a self-inflated barstar
who’s shit is made of posies and rainbows? I want a guide for the shy man
who wants a real woman.

Mike Riderout says:

I would just like to go on record and say… ” You are a fucking retard”.
You have no idea what you are talking about.

tellit2yastr8 says:

I am awesome at laying women. I don’t have to talk, they love my big hard

BMVLifestyle says:

San Diago. Spanish for, “a whales vagina”

none says:

go spray some more tan on yourself you dumb ugly bitch

Ulises Lira says:

i really agree with ya!

eric madison says:

English is your second language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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