Gemini Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

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Alexandra A says:

My mother is a Taurus , and she fits that stereotype just fine . But don’t
tell her or she will rip you’re head off and think she is right by doing so

Natalie Hudson says:

I actually like ‘hole in the wall’ restaurants as long as the food is good
😀 (I’m taurus)

activeflak says:

That’s not a taurus lol

HeyItsDejah says:

Tauruses like to indulge in material things but they’re generally more
simple and down to earth than potrayed.

Transitioning Beauty ^_~ says:

Bwahaha XD I’m a Taurus and can be like that sometimes, but the thing is I
while I would suggest wine and seafood (I don’t do steak, but definitely
expensive food at a nice restaurant) I would also have no problem paying
for it. I actually wouldn’t suggest it without expecting to pay. While I
don’t like hole in the walls AT ALL I will do cheap. My boyfriend is a
Gemini and we go to Taco Bell and eat at non-holeinthewall pizza places no

232lalas says:

This is so true, I have dated all the zodiac except Taurus; for some reason
they just don’t get it

Melody Marshall says:

I am a Taurus female and I am not like that. I don’t drink wine and I do
not eat at expensive restaurants like that. I am not a snob like she
portrays. Totally fake. Nothing like a true Taurus female. She is not down
to earth.

starysoul22 says:

She is nothing like a Taurus! She’s not down to earth at all & she’s stuck

sexiigrenbeast says:

Yesh im a taurus woman and honestly im too go with the flow to even give a
hoot about where we eat lol

Author Kapiel Raaj says:

#gemini #man #taurus #woman

Santa Barbara Arts TV YouTube Partner Global News says:

cool do sag man scorpio woman

NeptunesTrident says:


trudoll says:

Hilarity! !!

Taurus Girl says:

Funny video. Though we are not that rigid! We are not interested in
anything or anyone who lacks substance or cannot provide something
meaningful. Not our fault great experiences usually come with a high price
tag! But the thing about Taurus women that some do not understand is that
we will actually deal with men who lack huge bank accounts, but the thing
is– he just has to have something else very special about him that piques
our interest! And “sweet nothings” and empty promises are not it!

Vivek Kd says:

dear gemini man,just choose the libra woman..they are great to you

MisterRaulF says:

Yeah, this girl looks really classy…i didn’t think she would go for the
hole-in-the-wall idea, haha. You should of brought up the ole “lets have a
nice romantic picnic at the park.”

dp51293 says:

i’m a Taurus woman and i am SO opposite of this hahaha i’d have called that
girl a bitch straight to her face. I’m really easy going and I’d much
rather eat at a sports bar than a ritzy place. justtt sayin!

Rohit Sharma says:

😀 😀 😀 ha ha! Awesome ,,:)

Seth Garcia says:

Hilarious!!!! 🙂

Ciara Alexis says:

not accurate at all… as long as the food is good, we dont care about it
being a hole-in-the- wall… we actually would rather not go to the more
ritzy places because the servings are too small lol!

cesarThePencilest says:


fenlynn says:

Do more please! 😀

Elisha Marie says:

Okay — I’m a Taurus lady and I love hole in the wall restaurants. But,
this would be very true for a hotel night. My Gemini Man took me to the
Marriott for our first evening. Video is sorta true. But even though we
have expensive taste, we can afford to because we are so frugal!

Celeste Moore says:

Haha, this sounds a lot like my ex and mine’s first conversation when we
first met (he’s a gemini, I’m the taurus). Very funny!

Li Jav says:

*And its well worth it 😉

Phon Chokechai says:

she’s hot

Suman Bose says:


cloverskies77 says:

This is so funny.

Kenzo xD says: g…..

Elisha Marie says:

Oh, and I loved the part about the quarterly meeting and not actually
promising anything. That is such a Gemini!

stupidsamurai13 says:

Oooh. Gemini Man and Virgo Woman plz.

TheChamp2250 says:

Leo And Aries Combination ?

ujjwal shilpakar says:

what ur holdin is not phone it looks like remote control

groovy315 says:

not true at all i’ve been with a gemini man for 5 years and he’s ben
extremely loyal a flirt ya but im ok with that becaus we have such a strong
bond i know he would never cheat on me

cymonebreathe says:

You made Taurus women seem like golddiggers. Taurus women usually like the
SAME stuff, made with substance, but not necessarily the highest and
finest. That’s a Leo woman.

Tommy Nguyen says:

Hahaha dude I had you in my cosmology class.

Edua Luaio says:

Wait, are you a gemini?

spiritnaturemac says:

Hey leave us Gemini’s alone.. & this is Hilarious!

Salma M says:

pleaaaaaase do a Taurus woman – Sagittarius man video

foldinarms says:

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman 🙂 please.

168Rob says:

do leo man gemini woman!! please

Robert McPherson says:

I am Taurus (Sun)…So I know for males its probably the same. Good video!

jahida says:

this is the most funniest video ever .. the last part he said of the
video! i laugh so hard my stomach hurt so badly

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