30 Replies to “Fort Atlantic – Let Your Heart Hold Fast Official Lyric Video”

  1. “always searching, always blind” its about ted and how he thinks he’ll
    never get a wife. Seriously. “To believe I walk alone”

  2. HIMYM ♥
    Beautiful song! I’m always crying when i hear it..
    Still whatching himym as much i can 🙂
    Barney my best bro! 

  3. I do not like this song, nor the HIMYM episode in which it featured. They
    made me feel emotion, and if I’m ever gonna transcend my humanity, and and
    become a Terminator-esque cyborg, that’ll be a big roadblock.

  4. HIMYM for life. i cant stop watching it, i have been watching the seasons
    over and over again. i love it!

  5. what a great song! if this song release in the ”70s, it will certainly
    become a bouble No.1 on billboard and cash box without a doubt!

  6. I know this song will be forever related to Barney and Robin, but in the
    bigger picture, it is definitely supposed to be about Ted. Every word
    applies to him. I mean, he is having his heart practically ripped out by
    two of his best friends. If you listen to this at all, and see the look on
    Radnor’s face during that scene, you’ll know they chose this song for Ted,
    not Barney and Robin.

  7. So viele Vergleiche mit Lifesaver von Sunrise Avenue, dabei find ich das
    Lied hier nicht mal ansatzweise so schön.

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