Dating Tips For Men – Update Your Underwear!

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PrinceZappa says:

i don’t what guys hang out with david but this isn’t me lol

Diego Sepulveda says:

dude!!! what the fuck

Johny Boy says:

True men never admit it

enslavediguanna says:

I always keep my underwear as clean as possible, because I know I will get
a little freaked out if I see a girls underwear and is dirty. So I
empathize with the girl with that point of view

Dexter Haven says:

OK, if you update your own shirts!

bwest8888 says:

David is speaking from experience here lol

pissd chris says:

if the socs underwear need changed.. simply turn them inside out… that
way they last an extra week and so saving on washing time…. and use air
freshener spray for deodorant…. works every time…. 

Arjun07A says:

I actually like these type of videos…these can educate a lot..I totally
agree with the underwear thing. Please post more videos like these..

Jarod Billingslea says:

For the dudes with cum stains, you’re suppose to take piss after coming
bruh… or your shit will leak. That’s how idiots get women pregnant
nowadays. Jack off on her ass and then put it right back in. You are
destined to fail at safe sex if you do this.

ChugFour says:

Didn’t know having fucked up underwear was an option

Jon Turner says:

Pinned you, dude. This one’s too funny

Robert Jeansonne says:

I completely agree got to keep them chonies fresh!

stupidutoobusername says:

Another tip, take a hint from women and wear black underwear. It tends to
hide any stains you may have. Also, change your underwear before a date.

Bushmans Wildhiking says:

What a shit vid

1madaboutguitar says:

Ha Ha he is so right!

EskiLdn says:

What sort of people you hanging with?, shit staines?

Stretch MyHeart says:

I know a guy. A GUY, who usually just wears the same underwear for 2 weeks
straight. After he has sex he throws them bad boys right back on
Immediately, so the smell can absorb into the fabric.

He says when he approaches women he flaps the front of his pants so she can
get a nice wiff of what’s to come. if she doesnt want any part of it then
thats ok but surprisingly, the saved up pheromones from other women,
demonstrates his value on a subconscious level, so he actually gets laid
very often and now hes selling the smells he collects as colognes. I would
DEFINITELY suggest trying this out you guys…..

Mr-Nice-Guy j says:

Hey, once I have her in my bed naked that’s all that matters. 

Marco Gambler says:

Yeap. All those little disgusting things can really become turn offs for

Stretch MyHeart says:

lol the mind of David wygant everybody 

David Wygant says:

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