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  1. The gods or the cosmos send you the right person if you’re lucky, and you
    recognize him/her or you don’t, that’s it. Coaching, for what? Silly,
    another rip-off for suckers, like almost everything else in our society.

  2. tired of trying dozens of ebooks,watching videos ,most of them dont work,
    now for some simple methods check out the free advices here bit. ly/1i24VMi
    … really simple advices, but at the end, dating is just as hard as you
    make it. PS: being nice to a girl isnt the right way to go like we all know

  3. please line up for dating 101..Morons only please.. Why don’t you just come
    out and say that unless a man can satisfy you sexually…It’s a no
    go.respond please…

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  5. My fat nephew was able to make the best pole dancer there is in my town
    fall for him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I
    wish I was happy for him but I want such a pretty woman to fall for me. I
    am exceptionally jealous. Does that make me a lousy human being?

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  8. i agree with keeping relativly clean and conversation, but be YOURSELF. its
    going to be akward for you if you dress up more than you should. i mean,
    when you get into that relationship youre going to eventually loosen up a
    little right? honestly, if you have dirty hands because you work in a
    mechanic shop, that just proves that you are a hard worker. be yourself,
    and if thats not good enough, she isn’t worth your time.

  9. I sure am. 😀 I love my husband, he builds aircraft and comes home everyday
    covered in airplane juice lol. I am all for anyone who likes a guy with
    soft hands, my bro in law has never done any sort of physical labor in his
    life, and has “womanly” hands, I love him to death. But thats just not my
    cup o’ tea.

  10. @Anilithun I’m sorry let me put this as simple as possible so your caveman
    brain could understand. My dating tips were a message sent to women, if I
    was giving dating tips to men I would say to look for a woman that’s
    independent, able to hold her own and purchase her own things…vice-versa
    🙂 happy now?!

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  12. the car that has the batman doors is the Mercedez sls, and the McLaren F1
    and the MP4 -12c not the Porsche lol 😛

  13. This video reminded me a guy I met one day on LiveDating.me – the new
    social network for dating.. by the way its getting really popular today in
    the US..

  14. so, I took away form this was “do this”, “do that”, and “be mindful to
    compliment” all the time for girls…but in the end be
    yourself.contradicting much? girls….. making things more complicated than
    it needs to be. These girls are looking for their Prince Charming and
    Superman, whom are fictional. it’s not like that in the real world. no
    offense but these are two divorced ladies with a kid each. please, come
    back to earth.

  15. did anyone else notice that miya’s microphone was SO QUITE!! I had to turn
    my volume up loud!

  16. I don’t think a cell phone should really be out on a first date. I can’t
    stand it if a guy answers an phone call or text the whole time. If the
    phone call is important thats fine, but if hes talking to one of his
    friends i dont think thats right.

  17. @claudiaorozcoviq that is tru but i think they now that they are mature
    enough to bring a person with no future as you said “swag” to their home
    with theyr children but i think they where also reaching out to a younger
    part of their viewer but it is sooo true what you just stated 🙂

  18. So Carlie likes men who use cologne, baby lotion, deodorant and goes on
    dates to get foot massages. Yep definitely not me. Miya likes men who are
    chilvalrous, traditional, aren’t afraid to be themselves, and have a pair
    of kicks with style. Hm…I guess I just gotta go shoe shopping.

  19. hey carlie i have been going out with my gf for a year and a half now im 16
    and im not sure when to have sex with her can u give me some wisdome

  20. Some men work with their hands. Mechanics… unable to wear gloves because
    cant feel parts. Unable to get all oil out of crevices in skin no matter
    what cleaner is used… Just date bankers and office people. they are so

  21. @312ElectroShock In other words, I can’t tell whether they even know what
    they actually want in a guy, whether they’ve really thought about it and
    noted what they respond to, or if they are just sitting and idly chatting
    about men in general.

  22. I actually don’t like a guy to have soft hands because then it feels like a
    girl is touching you. I like rough manly hands.

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