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  1. I am a man, and I don’t have a problem with older women dating younger men,
    but I would advise all older women to not get their hopes up for a long
    term relationship with younger men. Even if the younger man is okay with
    your body and your looks, he may want to start a family of his own some
    day, and that is something he can only do with a younger woman. Most
    younger men would probably not stay in a long term relationship with a
    woman much older than they are.

  2. Hi sherry I’m in love with younger man and he’s in love with me also I like
    hearing your video I think the sound very good advice thanks a lot

  3. Interesting! I have a younger guy who is 18 and I am 27 who is interested
    in me but got tired of waiting, now I am attracted to him but he has got to
    choose who. He started dating a younger person! I will be happy if we just
    be friends for now so ja!

  4. Younger man might be attracted to the confidence etc, but many of them only
    go for older woman cos of the sexual experience they have. They just want
    to get a taste of good sex. They stay with u as a friend with benefit,
    never as a partner to build a relationship with. If they do, then it means
    that the woman also has a hot body for her age but it has to stay that way
    or they will flee for a better looking woman.

  5. I’m 34 now. When I was 29 I dated a woman who was 59 and I liked so much I
    stayed with her for three years. Older women are hot.

  6. Wow my first time checking out your channel. and i must say the subject
    matter and content is pretty good. thanks for being a great reminder. JADE

  7. Wow, where to begin. 1st, I did date some older women. I do agree that a
    minority of younger guys may decide on marriage, but most of us are just in
    it because she was available at the time. It was never lost on me though,
    when dating a woman 10 years older than me that while she looked good now,
    that wasn’t going to last much longer. As for the grace and confidence and
    how a woman carries herself..really? OK, seriously, women of all ages can
    be confident, and carry herself with grace.

  8. Many boys are deprived of love and affection in this world. Thats y they
    are attracted to Older woman. Older women are indeed very affectionate,
    sincere and caring than younger girls. Also they are very attractive,
    graceful and have amazing boobs.They are very mature and not irritating
    like younger girls. Older woman takes the place of a mother in a younger
    boy’s life. Also older woman like to cuddle and make love to a much younger
    boy because they r innocent like a baby.

  9. I’m a younger guy (early 20’s). I think I’m attracted to older women a lot
    even though I still would date an younger women. It’s just that everytime I
    see an older attractive women I feel like I have to give them a nice
    compliment or say something to them but would really like to get them to
    really be attracted to me. How should I go about this and where is a good
    place to really meet and interact with older single women?

  10. My wife is 10 years older than me, I just could not be bothered with gals
    my age when I was 22 when I met her.

  11. I completely agree. Personally I find younger women are immature and don’t
    really know what they want in a relationship which is a complete turn off.
    Plus I find older women sexier then younger women.

  12. i like dating older women, as long as she doesn’t have any kids, i’m fine
    with it, and as long as the guy is 21 too

  13. One thing I’ve always wondered. If a woman is making such an issue over
    age..wants younger, more fit, energetic men, what makes her think men don’t
    think the same way? I know younger women prefer younger men. As in a 25
    year old girl prefers a guy closer to her age, not a guy 15 years older.
    Why would you believe that younger men WANT older women? My experience is
    that those who want older are rare, both men and women. But you find the
    rare ones who do want older. But why?

  14. I like em because they understand . Most of em don’t go to bars or clubs
    anymore and understand why i don’t . They also seem to appriciate guys with
    a few extra pounds , unlike younger girls who want a guy who doesn’t eat .

  15. I just started seeing a younger man. He said he was attracted to my grace
    and now I really believe him.

  16. I like smart, educated, cute, slender, younger gals. I like the guiide that
    a gal should by one half plus seven of the guy’s age. The formula works for
    guys from 18 to 90

  17. Heres the real answer women hit their sexual prime at an older age than men
    so younger guys take advantage of that, so what its not a big deal there is
    nothing more over rated than sex lol. If sex was a bad thing one of us
    would die or be killed by the partner like other animals. Sex is meant to
    be pleasurable and enjoyed and women happen to enjoy sex more naturally in
    their 30s and 40s as men do in their early 20s. So what does it matter
    everyone go out and enjoy your pleasures its fun i swear

  18. After dating men close to my age who were just into mind games and sexual
    objectification; I decided to allow myself to receive the attention of a
    younger man. The focus, attention, appreciation and pursual feels great and
    makes me feel like a whole person. It is wonderful to be on the receiving
    end of love.

  19. Right now I’m 32 and I’m dating a woman who’s 62 and at first I found it
    weird because she’s generations older than me,but as I got to know her,I
    didn’t care because she’s a loving person and I accepted that. Also if it’s
    acceptable for an older man dating a younger woman,then why not the other
    way around?

  20. Hi Cheery Im single nice looking 52 yr old not macho or selfish, my lady is
    over 60, shes a widower. I care for her alot, but its not a romanic love, I
    hope im not feeling sorry for her.I feel aroused all the time but I cant
    tell her she makes a joke or mocks at me about it, and playing the mr fix
    it man, that dont work.

  21. I’m glad im not alone.. I just met a girl at a bar yesterday, shes 31 and
    im 26.. I felt kinda embarresed when I walked next to her outside, because
    she looks even older then 31.. All that aside, she has great big boobs and
    a round soft ass and a thin waist.. Pro’s: They’re are definitly easier to
    hang out with, and they REALLY care for what you have to say, instead of
    rejecting you for making one tiny mistake.. It still wasnt easy.. but not
    impossible compared to the younger women lol

  22. I have always been attracted to older women. Why? Simple, there is no drama
    involve. Young girls are looking for popularity contest, expensive cars,
    and many other materialistic objects. I think that’s why ivd date girl 6
    years my age. Any opinions that women want to suggest…

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