49 Replies to “Dating Advice – How to GET the GUY you want! – Matt Hussey”

  1. The point is : dont make the first move, but show your interest indeed.
    If you are a strong personality girl I would reccomend to stay way from a
    shy guy. Too seedy.

  2. That’s pretty useful. I’ve been a pick up artist for six years now, should
    you wish to know the fastest way to get any woman you want then research
    Wise Women Workings. Honestly. No nonsense. Just google it.

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    their names and phone numbers. Every little thing I learned, I learned from
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  4. The woman interviewing Matt is the kind of confident, beautiful woman Matt
    is talking about and you can see he is definitely attracted to her!

  5. They need a “Get the Guy” For Teenage girls. I don’t meet guys, I have know
    hese guys at my school since I was 3 and I don’t meet randoms.

  6. Meeting a lot of men to find “the one” can seem daunting. But with a solid
    strategy it can be easy. First get really clear about what you want in a
    man and a relationship. Then develop a list of questions that will help you
    find out if a man has the characteristics you are looking for. Then,
    whether you are talking to someone in person or over the phone, you can
    quickly tell if he is good fit and worth spending more time with.

  7. you cant trust DVDs like this because it always leaves questions
    unanswered. I wouldn’t buy it but I would definatly give when he says a
    chance without the purchase

  8. Kiss ur hand 3 times nd say ur crushes name in it 15 times then post this
    2more times nd ur crush will ask u out tommorow!!

  9. I feel like there are more women doing research on the stuff than men are
    otherwise they’d approach us more often.

  10. The video would’ve been better without her being so distracting.. Really
    annoying couldn’t even finish the video/

  11. There’s plenty of resources out there on how to attract women… There’s a
    good short quick guide on why women are attracted to “bad boys” on this
    website: GirlSecret.info

  12. He contradicts himself alot eg he says at the start not to approach the man
    because it looks desperate then changes his mind later on saying to
    approach them!! My dog could give better advive.

  13. I remember one time when I was younger (still a girl) where I had two guys
    fighting for my attention. (Not that I purposely set it up that way) but I
    must admit that I had an amazing time with them. I wasn’t nice at all. In
    fact, I was rather mean. Well, physically anyway. I bit one of them because
    he tried to block my path. He got really mad but after yelling for a min he
    got over it and I punched him in the stomach because he tried to hug me, I
    ran away and he followed not mad at all.

  14. You should say how to approach the man, as promised and then begin a
    discussion about your product/service after/separately. It leaves me
    feeling that your videos aren’t worth watching.

  15. Now, I don’t go around biting/hitting guys anymore but at the time that was
    the only way I knew how to communicate with them when I didn’t like
    something. I didn’t know how to go about verbally doing it. It was easier
    just to give them a jab or two or suddenly run off and they got the message
    quite clearly. I was also naturally playful back then and I enjoyed
    horse-playing. But what I remember most was my energy with them. I just did
    whatever I wanted unashamed and bashfully. It was very fun.

  16. Some men are capable of making women approach them. I’ve discovered that
    confidence, masculinity and social intelligence have been very effective
    when attracting women. Perhaps you are doing/not doing something that men
    find too appealing.

  17. I have been single for 4 years. I don’t go out on dates and guys don’t
    approach me. what’s wrong with me?

  18. when the dvd coming to the states for cheaper than the $100 dollar transfer
    from pounds? yea.. it’d be nice!!

  19. yes, and that’s why I dump men and ignore their phone calls when they try
    to contact me over and over again. bye limp lame dick! trust me, I will
    find an unselfish man who is much better and bigger than you! bigger IS
    better. 🙂

  20. but during over the year and a bit ive known him ive seen other guys aswel
    but i like him so i dunno how to move it to the next level of attraction
    cuz a relationship would have to be something that we both want not just
    one of us

  21. Sometimes things between people don’t work just because they’re not a good
    match. You may like someone at first because of their looks or they said
    something funny or intriguing but in the long run it can be just the wrong
    guy. Sometimes … 🙂

  22. I approach man,I have no problem with it.I do it for fun mostly and very
    strategically,but I guess that comes naturally.But being in relationship
    and having a tactic to amuse him,so he can always be intrigued?Why would’t
    we have man having strategy to keep us?Or better,someone normal that
    wouldn’t except theatre play of his private life?This is not a critic for
    the video- it is a good teenage stuff,but a critic to women that trained
    man to expect all that.I am off to spoil some man now 🙂

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