Dating Advice for Men

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Nancy Nove says:

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sexually attracted to the club.

donna k.harmon says:

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Nancy L says:

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Norman M says:

Best dating tips you need to know Visit and watch the video
Don’t brag about being interviewed in a woman and not from across the woman
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randomjoe333333 says:

funny the girls ive been out with only insist on going drinks/dinner/club

Dating Tips For Men says:


badoli says:

Whatever. Seems she ain’t that interested in me in the end if she can turn
her back that easily… πŸ™

TheShaggyCarpet says:

Good advice, but let’s add some humor to it. =) -The Shaggy Carpet

badoli says:

Okay, late into the evening: – we kissed – we talked about sexual
preferences – we kissed – SHE said “lets go somewhere else” – we went on
our way, still in good mood – shortly before arrival she was like “oh,
well, i have to go this way now.” and left. I was a little too perplex of
the situation to handle it. She played it off pretty convincingly. I just
wasn’t expecting her to turn away so easy after all of that…

clifbabymac4life says:

nice! take a girl for a ride on a race track. its real exciting.

Antonio Alvares says:

sorry i ment immature* idk y i was thinking ummature πŸ™‚ sorry

sippycup95able says:

Did the dinner and the movie for first date when I was 16. I always try to
do different things for a first date. If only I could get one. I was going
to take a girl to a comedy club last week but she decided not to go out
with me at the last second. Only went on a few dates in high school all of
them to dances. I got wrong numbers and stood up through college never had
a girl friend till I was 24 and that only lasted a few months. I’m 30 now
and have not been on a date in 4 years. ????????

rosskay says:

what do you mean by that, like she avoids sex? some women don’t want to get
ahead of themselves, as we can attach from sex, and are worried about
getting hurt or abandoned

Sig MP says:

Says the guy who writes “r u” instead of “are you”.

rosskay says:

You’re not old, but it gives me some perspective. I’m a little surprised
that at your age you would expect her to intitiate sex or not know some of
these things, but at the same time everyone has various levels of
experience, and some learn more or less from one or more. Trust me on the
pursual thing, for sure.

sippycup95able says:

I would be happy with a girl just going to Mcdonalds with me. That is the
thing I can’t get a date. Don’t know if I’m rude and don’t know it been
trying to figure out for years why I can’t get a date. I’m not shy to ask
girls out, but I get stood up or wrong numbers all the time. Just got stood
up on two dates this last month so yea McDonalds would be nice.

georgemfr says:


s0347801 says:

Cool, but how to know if they’re bi and escalate without pretending to be
single… how to not come across as a weird swinger couple… I basically
gotta lead everything and only have dual induction massage as a plan. There
must be more!

christian avila says:

AFC Adam London is THE SHIT!!!!!!, thanks for all the advice you been
giving out, its been extremely helpful in making me stay motivated and has
helped boast my overall self-esteem when it comes to getting better with

rosskay says:

she won’t be happy if she is the one who reaches to initiate sex, believe
me. If she starts asking for it, you’ve missed it.

s0347801 says:

The Game taught me plenty. Lesbian club isn’t a bad idea… but there’s
gonna be more to it than that. The gf is up for it, like i said. Any
suggestions on this specific situation?

Antonio Alvares says:

main point is are you a unmature person? and go back to school dumbass if
you cant understand me…… do talk to me untill u go through pubirty to
actually watch this video………

EquinoxShane says:

Ice skating?

William Kendrick says:

Thanks man

blazingwarmachine420 says:

funnyfucks. Its simple, just be yourself, be happy, relaxed, and seem
interested in what the girl has to say and your already on a good start!

Beely Boop says:

now I want to go to the zoo πŸ™

ZeaMoore4 says:

I brought a girl on a climbing date. That was very funn and i got to know
her fysicaly and personaly. (I screwed up date 3 though. lol, it was a
movie date… never saw her agin.)

TheDarkHunter81 says:

Im sure that i can get like so many girls….but they thing is… so
timid and i think thats the problem with some guys.

badoli says:

What would you do about a cocktease? A girl that acts all promising towards
you, but in the end excuses herself everytime it sorta seems to go

Sven Boonen says:

1m16s I hope it’s been a long time since she was a kid, otherways you’re
doing the European Priest thing

badoli says:

As i said, it’s a long… and quite sad story… πŸ™

Matt Leach says:

I dunno about u, or the top comment, but SIXpackshortcuts sent me here!

TipsySLA says:

Did you get dual induction massage from the game? haha dude thats a fiction
Look online. Go to a lesbian club or smth. You may wana find out if your gf
is up for it fist too, just in case ya know. πŸ˜‰

AmerThePrince says:

Hey Adam huge fan I admire your work! Do you have any new seminar video
coming up?

SkinnykidK5 says:

Adam for President much?

HealthandFitnessMan says:

google Adam Lyons should I spill the beans

brightsun11 says:

why dont you just keep it simple. make all first dates a dinner date. like
McDonalds or other fast food places. woman are lazy. i think they have alot
of negative thoughts when they go out on a date. if they just go to
mcdonalds with you they problem think, if it isnt a good date i can leave
in 30 minutes.

Antonio Alvares says:

oh good 1 so are you to stupid to understand wat i said>?

Antonio Alvares says:

r u 12?

brightsun11 says:

just try the hole fast food thing. oh ps if you do, do this tell me lol. if
u want

TipsySLA says:

Never done it, but in theory you should go for girls who are already
looking for it, like lesbian couples for instance. My friend got it by
picking up bisexual girl who has a gf.

badoli says:

Yea, i’m old. Sry for that. It’s a long story…

ardicuno says:

dog parks

rosskay says:

lol πŸ™‚ just so you know, I’m not laughing at you, just the scenario because
I can remember things like this. Just because someone talked about sex and
sexual preferences, does not mean they want to do it that moment, she’s
just exploring that with you, and giving you the green light. She really is
jsut doing her girl thing and you are going to have to pursue what you
want, plain and simple.

natesdevices says:

FUCK YES!! i was thinking to myself “aquarium” hands down, then 3 seconds
late this guys says it.

rosskay says:

whatever the reasons why, don’t worry about it, just don’t let your
negative beliefs and internal negative self chatter keep you from your
goals and things you want.

HealthandFitnessMan says:

google PUAHATE for the reality about women

rosskay says:


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