Bad Aries Women

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invasionist says:

only REAL men can walk hand in hand with an aries woman >:)ο»Ώ

JanesDream222 says:

If you want to put us in a nutshell, I agree with this general, quick

Robin Collier says:

Pretty good analysis. Hope you got a laugh out of it!


initiative, a leader, wants to be in control, impatient, jealous type,
selfish(i don’t share), fast, attracted to strong personality, don’t be
predictable maybe she wants you to be mysterious type or be in she’s totally honest and direct woman.

quietstorm225 says:

I’m a Capricorn male and dating an Aries woman was good for a while, but
went in the toilet when she wanted to be the boss. It’s not very lady-like
to insult a Capricorn unless you want it thrown back at you. She broke up
with me because I became a threat to her ego. Aries women are good for
keeping it real, but then again, so can we. I don’t fear Aries women at
all! Their selfishness and bitchy attitude usually gets them in a lot of

kris mizer says:

Hey, man i totally understand what your saying. same thing happen to me. I
felt like i was only there to support her problems and her life, but what
about me !?!? I have demands to but nothing to support me, i’m living in
her world basically. They are demon women man, very ego driven women who
are self absorbed.

kris mizer says:

Dated an Aries women for 3 years, and will never date another one in my
life! Can anyone say drama queens !?!?! I have a very peaceful nature and
hate drama, i admit in the beginning stages of our relationship her
feisty’ness was fun and a blast to be around, but it’s something i could
not stand in the long run, i felt like i was living in her world and not a
combination of both our worlds. The world revolves around them and we must
cater to them ! Hell no, peace out Aries, never again.

kris mizer says:

Yeah man, i can be around Aries girls for company, friendships and one
night encounters. But for girl friends, hell no. They are not for the
peaceful at heart, they are very unwilling to compromise and see only one
way paths. I wasted 3 years of my life even when my gut instinct told me to
not date this girl, even with all the bad qualities i saw, her excitement
and fun nature drew me to her. But in the long run man, they don’t make
good wife material for my nature.

Cuete Armo says:

Im a libra and I just started dating an aries woman…but daaamn, I
shouldve watched this video before I even aproached her. And yes she is
very impulsive and irrational at times. We had a good few days n then a
devil came out

Piensolibrete k says:

Aries women are so hard to find, they are full of life and excitement, how
do you find or pick out Aries women from a crowd. I never seem to find them
just mostly Gemini’s and Leo’s.

iAnnouska says:

“she is really a guy in disguise” you got that right.

givesahfuckboutu says:

Sounds like Aries woman take up a large population in unplanned teen
pregnancy.(Oop, where’s that condom?)LOL

Robin Collier says:

@EnryMusica – I’m sure your parents had a challeng raising an Aries. As
children they are often very self centered (me first!), even arrogant. Of
course the Sun sign is less than a third of who someone is. People don’t
really grow up until they do their first Saturn return, somewhere between
28 and 30. So, if she is not there yet, there is hope. If you would like to
correspond directly, my email address is at the end of all these little
video clips. <3

Robin Collier says:

@onimotoko – Yep, I am an Aries woman, and I make my Pisces mom a little
crazy. (;>)

shadows0614 says:

I like how direct Aries people are…Kind of controversial at times, but it
doesn’t seem like they care…I’ve seen different types of Aries’ though,
some are quieter than others, they all radiate energy though XD

ghcreative says:

I can say that my aries friend is nothing like this. I think this sign gets
some of the more negative stereotypes.

jasmin mendoza says:

Lol I like this ! I do have a bit of a masculine side to me..

Mindy Welch says:

@YanaLakova I also had a Taurus bf. We broke up about a month ago because
of the STUPIDEST fight ever! Damn I miss him tho πŸ™

Jay Hensley says:

@robinleecollier Sorry, I was drinkin a lot the night I posted this. That
last part was kind of a joke. My sense of humor is a bit off. Didn’t mean
to offend you. And yea, surprises are nice but like I said, we prefer a
plan so we can foresee something like unexpected visits. We’re pretty
cautious creatures. Sorry for the issue with your mom. I choose not to say
anything about that so I suggest you figure out a way to have a personal
meeting/discussion with her on that topic.

MaaliniNatashaa says:

bahaha your scared of a girl

Robin Collier says:

@Piensolibrete – look in places where risk takers gather. Skydivers,
skindivers etc. She is usually athletic. She is idealistic so if you join a
cause, look for the woman giving the orders. Look for impatience. Notice
women who bitch about standing in line. She is not a Leo standing on
display, she is almost always in motion.

Robin Collier says:

@amaka38 So am I – Just poking a little fun at all of us.

jeeploverify says:

that is me so fuck off

Ismail Ahmed-Riley says:

lol yeah taurus generally possessive and materialistic no surprise their

Robin Collier says:

@irvinmanohar – sincere? More like truthful to the point of bluntness. They
generally are not very diplomatic before they grow up astrologically at age
29 or 30. You are sensitive, and tend to take things personally when they
were not really meant that way. One way to learn more is to order a
“Friends and Lovers” report from my website. It’s very good if you know the
date, place and approximate time of birth for both of you. It’s cheap at

Robin Collier says:

Avoiding squares/opposites is good.

sonnet786 says:

Yuck I do not want this Kinda woman I am Sagittarius male

Robin Collier says:

@MenaFlame – I’ve never met an Aries woman willing to share her lover. They
may go through a number of men, but usually one at a time, and she expects
her lover to behave the same way. (;>) …

jeremykjell says:

@Piensolibrete I received your comment in my mail, too bad I can’t find it
here. I can already tell that you definitely are a Libra. πŸ™‚ You worry so
much about being liked by an Aries that you forget how to be yourself. My
advice is that you be secure in your natural traits of being charming,
diplomatic, tactful, and tasteful (you get the idea). No one is attracted
to insecurity, the very least of all Aries. Hold your own and we will
admire you for it. What we hate the most is clingy insecurity.

TheQueenIsWithin says:

I WISH my mother could have this personality seriously…she need to tap
into her Aries alter… LOL

XYoungexLustX says:

@onimotoko Well get off our video then? ;D

EbunnyEthereal says:

@ramblue yea. aquarians got verbally fellated too. but virgo is a masculine
sign, and she dissed us pretty good. but nobody seems to have a hard time
doing that. sigh.

2010jupka says:

TRUE that Aries women are males in disguise. we are good leaders. we are
very creative. and we are highly sexual with both of these attributes.
sometimes men fear us because of this. instead, they should be thinking
about all the fun they could be having πŸ˜‰ not only am i an aries, i am also
a horse in the chinese zodiac…. which seems identical to aries. fire
doubled. very independent, very open and honest. we do care about our
friends, but we cannot, CANNOT stand whining. grow up.

vampiregirl7978 says:


onimotoko says:

@robinleecollier Oh noes! I wonder why that is? I don’t really know much
about the sign, but every Aries I know, or have known is always ranting
about something, and then 5 seconds later they are on to the next rant.
Like they almost always have some beef with everybody. And I’m just trying
to appeal to them and make them understand. Once again, no offense. Had no
idea you were one. I’m just a scared little fishy, I don’t wanna fight
anybody with big scary horns that could kill me LOL.

shinistrue says:

haha hmmm

grossda410 says:

I am an Aries woman and I am fire If you can’t handle it —dont waste my

hiiamdanielle says:

sady most of it is true exept my other signs over ride the inconsiderate of
others emotions and sometimes i love takeing the lead others im just flat
out confused and im way girly im many ways

kinkyafrogirl93 says:

aries over here lol i love me some scorpios and cancers tho

Robin Collier says:

@ramblue You are correct. I’m busted. Maybe having Aquarius Moon and
ascendant makes it a little harder to see myself – aw crap – no excuse.

Robin Collier says:

@Tieaga – so I’m a heartless bastard (Aries woman). My poor Pisces mom! She
likes surpise gifts, but not other suprises like even unexpected droping
by. She says call first, but then never answers the phone. Argh!

Ayo Carter says:

Yeah see cos I am an aries, and it true we are like males in
disguise….most of this range true though…

Robin Collier says:


Ismail Ahmed-Riley says:

yes cut ur crap lol…….. no offense but ur probly hella materalistic and
possessive and ugly qualities overall.. if u can’t manage to be urself and
not be so damn materialistic and possessive my suggestion is move on lol I
am specifically avoiding : cancer scorpio pisces taurus its guna take alot
for me to go for those girls I am going to have to be completely tricked to
walk into those traps

Robin Collier says:

@moneyhungry50 – are you sure? Doesn’t mommy know best? Your comment would
be really funny if you are a Taurus or Capricorn – Aries the ram butting
heads with Taurus the bull, or Capricorn’s goat horns (;>)

Deseree Brown says:


Robin Collier says:

Sun square Sun can be tough. Usually they are working relationships.

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