ARIES – All about Aries

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Nicole Hirsch says:

I am a Libra with an Aries as a brother. Since we are opposite signs we
actually usually get along most the time. I completley agree with this
video though. He sometimes can act so rude and selfish, but deep down he
realy does care and has a heart of gold. :)

dalibo sch says:

I am an aries, and i think i’m the biggest douche that ever existed. In my
defense, i don’t really like people and their little opinions very much so
not many are suffering because of me. ^_^
Thrust me, aries are evil despite the good side, it’s hard to admit but
aries are fucking pure evil.

poet279 says:

Hi Michele, I would like to read your opinion, please. I’m a Libra guy and
I’m with an Aries girl. I read from many sites that Libra and Aries are
opposite signs and they could either feel attracted or not get along at
all. We have a few differences, but for the most part we have a lot in
common. We share the same interests and like the same things. I just want
to know your opinion about it, since I was expecting her to be the complete
opposite of me. Thanks!

Michele Knight says:

You also have the beauty of KNOWING the anger is not right. Some people
justify it so you are on the right track! Aries lesson is to use that
passion in the right way. Often fighting for the underdog!

Deidra Kathleen says:

Aries here too. The struggle with all you said is real. It took me a long
time to get my irritability down and even now I think it’s higher than most
people’s. But damn we are annoyingly charming. 😉

Donna Walthall says:

i am leo and was dating a Aries it was very hard

Carley Johns says:

I am a aries

Vyse Cross says:

Maybe one could, instead of regretting, simply accept it in yourself, and
in doing so, tame your anger. (May sound contradicting, but put it to

Vyse Cross says:

A good wealth of many truths. I feel there are contrasts from any man, and
woman, from the many descriptions within astrology, however… a sizable
lot are very much so true.

Hamad Ali says:

I’m an Aries and i swear that all the Aries that i have met are HOT !! male
and female but we all have a diva attitude.

mermaidsAREcute says:

Made a video about Aries on my account lmk what you guys think :).

Sajiz Reighn says:

LOL hahha right! 🙂

Sajiz Reighn says:

thats awesome! i love being an aries kicks so much ass! LOL, wanna say hey
to all my lovely aries peeps on here! all aries r such bad asses! haha! we
are warriors! :D!

Sajiz Reighn says:

hell yea aries rock! 🙂

Rodney Banks says:


Thana Hatchet says:

OMG…. This is totally me. I’m an Aries and I am very childlike… But…
I have a tendency to act on impulse rather than evaluating the situation

LalaFashi0nista says:

run! nobody has time for that childish push pull crap.

Luke LV says:

this is so true lol im a Aries

serenity0324 says:

thank you for loving us Aries women 🙂

kpatrick0488 says:

I’ Aries

whitesmith bonesdark says:

Aries are fast, they would would never need to know ”how” to pass, Aries
won’t get old, cause they just don’t last. ^ _^

Jack TheRipper says:

i m an Aries and i feel special when i listen to this

Kaitlynn Bubbles says:

Im a aries 🙂


Aries vs Kratos

Revolutionist (revolutionthuglife) says:

Aries Ftw!

Malik Childrey says:

This is scary accurate……

HalfNormalz says:

Loved this! Check out our vlog about the Aries personality, includes Libra
and the friendship between also!:D

Meri Pariia says:

Why do you think so??

Michael Cavanaugh says:

aries and proud 😉

TheByteable says:

I know you care about not hurting his feeling, but If i was him i would
want to know the truth and some closure. We Aries are straight forward star
sign so we appreciate honesty and truth.

Basilicah Boyoy says:

this is full of bullshit hahhahaa

FLAPHEAD100 says:

I am an aries moon I get on with aries like a house on FIRE……get it

metalsnake27 says:

It’s funny… I’m actually a very very paitent person… however, I tend to
get bored easily and always wanna do something else rather quickly. But if
I fail at something, I will continue to try and try and try, even if it’s
pissing me off, until it’s 100% perfect.

Gabriel Morin says:

This video rules!!!!!!!!!!

Sharmin Ox says:

They are not. They are one of the worst.

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