39 Replies to “Advice to Girls from Guys: Pre-dating and Courting”

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  3. Let me first say you are hilarious! but I need to ask, what are more hints
    I can give this guy? I have liked him for 4 years and he has liked me for
    all I know of 2, but we have never talked to each other about how we feel
    about each other it was through our friends. But it still seems like he’s
    oblivious even though I watched people be straight up on my feelings for
    him to embarrass me. I have also dropped a lot of hints and I’m too shy to
    do any more than that. Please help!

  4. For all you ladies in need of help with the boys… Advice to Girls from
    Guys: Pre-dating and Courting

  5. I was in love with a girl that worked next to me for about a year, but I
    had a very hard time getting the courage to flirt with her when she would
    come into my workplace whenever she had break. I was sure she would reject
    me cause I’m not one of those pick-up gurus or anything like that. My 3rd
    date with her is tonight. Curious to learn how I succeed? I have posted a
    link to this video on my channel.

  6. Ok, so I knew you were awesome within the first 21 seconds of this video!
    Thanks for making this! Very informative, and your totally saving us girls
    from sooooooo much trouble! ^_^

  7. Wait… do texts with simple smiley emoticons (no less than 3’s or smiley
    winks) REALLY lead guys on?

  8. So, if a guy says they like yu and they want to make yu their “girl” but yu
    dnt really talk all the time and he’ll be ok with going days without
    talking. Help! Idk what to think. :/

  9. My friend and I have been friends for a few months now and considers me his
    best friend. He has a girlfriend who he frequently complains about, whereas
    I tell him everything that’s on my mind and he does the same back. He has
    called me beautiful on many occasions and says I rate 5/5 on his dream girl
    scale. Which is a major compliment. He says he loves her, but if they do
    break up, I would love to have a chance with him… But I don’t wanna be
    seen as the ‘rebound’ So yeah…

  10. I told my guy friend that I liked him a lot and he, very nicely, told me
    that he didnt like me like that. It hurt me a lot, but im totally over it
    now. We are still really good friends and nothing is awkward, thank
    goodness. Those girls that reject a guy really harshly are jerks, and have
    obviously never been rejected. It is tough and I understand what it is like
    now. So that was a big eye-opener. I loved this video, great advice!

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