5 Reasons Why Aries Men Suck In Relationships

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MegaTzatziki says:

Didn’t think we were that bad in relationships lol:(

tembi cm says:

I’m a arise girl this very true but I think virgo men are the worst for
relationship every single one I’ve date leave cold

jawsfederation says:

So dam true. I love my Aries self!

Rani La Rue says:

So spot on I laughed all the way through.

Graceand4 says:

Thank-you =}

ExilNL HD says:

Lookout for the Sharks:P

Craig Campbell says:

we as Aries men r ruled by mars which is da most masculine planet if u
wanna keep me happy juss give me allot of sex duhh

cisnerosfam08 says:

I fucking hate Aries men! They lead you on! Keep you on a back burner..so

Shannon Colson says:

I just broke up with an aries for a couple of these reasons. Yup.

Sevvanna1 says:

OMG!!! HAHHAHAHAHA am a libra and i always get aries men like being with
them but they end up breaking up with me so true 😀 they need a lot of work
that si why i rather be with a water sign like cancer <3. I do like an
aries man now but he is like not wanting a commited relationship so why
wait 😀 plenty fish in the sea! love ur vids btw :D!

marinakuhn2511 says:

Aries men are as primitive as cave men

PinkSoldier2009 says:

I hope you do a video about cancer man soon.

amaka1 says:

Love it!

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