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  1. I have Venus, mercury and Saturn all in Aries and this seems like me hahha,
    although I have a Taurus sun and mars and my mercury does cusp Taurus, so I
    do most times think before I speak :).

  2. The girl is actually a decent actor, but the guy just reads off the script
    with complete insincerity and awkward monotone.

  3. The core Aries energy loves freedom above all else and it detests weakness,
    pessimism and boredom. It takes someone more fun, talkative and friendlier
    than us to hypnotize us, we melt and become quite submissive if we find
    someone like that, if you have less energy than us then we tend to take
    charge but in a protective way, we always fight for the underdog. I’m
    talking about the aries core energy, if you are an Aries Sun with other
    signs in you that clash with ur Sun sign you wont feel it much.

  4. Hey! I’m glad I’m seeing someone other than myself saying this. :3 makes me
    super happy! Look up Numerology as well! it will blow your mind!

  5. Yep. Im a lot like this. Except I my friends and I would go out for coffee
    then to something super exciting or adventurous like a new horror movie or
    going out on the town.

  6. I’m not so sure about the quick to move on but the controlling and stuff,
    definitely. I’m an Aries. LoL

  7. Eh.. I’m an aries but I don’t really move on quickly. I tend to think about
    it a lot, and over analyse it til I just want to give up/have a better

  8. If you ever need any help or websites let me know. I know of a very good
    site, that you can look up your birth chart, and then read the info about
    it. The reasons why you may not feel like an aries, may be because of your
    moon, rising, planets etc. Example i’m a taurus with sagittarius moon and
    rising. I like change a little bit more than your average taurus lol, i’m
    very active, suspost to be fun to be around, loves to share knowledge etc.

  9. Can I just hug this video? I’m an Aries and It’s so relevant I can’t even.

  10. I love how she thinks to herself all that could have gone wrong, then
    suddenly starts speaking out loud. That’s how I could tell that she, like
    me, was an Aries.

  11. One of my really good friends is an Aries and the way this lady looks
    honestly reminds me a LOT of her, the way she talks too. I just wanna hug
    little Miss Aries here, d’awww~

  12. QUESTION!!! my birthday is april 21st so technically i am a taurus but i
    am like two days away from being an aries, when i read my zodiac, i usually
    relate more to the taurus one, does this mean i am a little bit aries or am
    i completely taurus?

  13. I don’t wanna be the know-it-all here, but Ares is the god of war. Aries
    the constellation is based off of the ram in Greek mythology that was
    sacrificed. Then its fleece became super important. So, basically… it’s a
    sheep, not a god.

  14. im an aries but im only somewhat like this i dont move on quickly and im
    hella emotional & sensitive almost like a scorpio but at the same time i
    love my independence

  15. Q__Q Just broke up…. bleh..and I’m kinda like her. I don’t really know
    what I did wrong, and I am pretty independent. But that doesn’t mean that I
    can handle things alone all the time.

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