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Guitar overlays a classic 8-bit synth sound to produce something uncanny. A cover of the Magnet Man stage music from Mega Man 3, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Magnet Man and Mega… Share this:

Here it is, my favorite of the Mega Man classic series, Mega Man 3. When I was growing up and playing NES and Super Nintendo, this was one of my favorite games at the time. I cleared / completed… Share this:

Can two awesome neodymium magnets levitate a grown man? Watch this video to see if the huge magnets featured in our previous video (Super-strong neodymium magnets crushing a man’s hand … Share this:

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Boobies contain more than adipose tissue; they are receptacles for men’s hopes and dreams.** YouTube channel page: Facebook: … Share this:

Go to: Hi I’m Suzy Weiss, you may have seen me on Dating Secrets For Divorced Women dot Com or read one of my dating tips where I share important. Share this:

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It happens to everyone. You think someone has your back…and they don’t. But don’t refuse to trust again. You just have to put your guard up for a little while. Share this:

Go behind the scenes of the film – The Ridge is the brand new film from Danny Macaskill… For the first time in one… Share this:

Conman’s “MOVE OF THE WEEK”! This video features professional street basketball player Tom “Conman” Connors – Conman was a special guest at a basketball open run. Stay tuned for more moves. Share this:

A bad childhood: Vancouver physician Gabor Mate and the social roots of our addictions. Share this: